Currently, there is no rapid bus stop between Tech Ridge and Chinatown Station. I would like to see a rapid stop at Parmer Lane & Lamar Blvd to help split up this long gap. It would be nice to have the Lamar Feeder bus (275) timed better with Rapid 801. Currently, it is usually a 12+ minute wait when I get off the 275 and the next 801 comes by at Chinatown station. This can be helped if you add a rapid bus stop at Parmer Lane & Lamar Blvd.

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Fred Reutzel over 3 years ago

Connect routes 243 with 275 and add service

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I frequently take the # 3 north to 45th street, Northcross Mall, and the Arboretum area. I rarely see people get off at the Domain, but many do get off in the Arboretum area. I have nothing against the new bus line that will serve the Domain, but I oppose running the #3 bus less frequently.

I live in central east Austin. At this time, there is only one movie theater near me. That's the Violet Crown. With all the festivals and marathons occupying the downtown area, it's almost impossible to take the bus downtown to see a movie there. It's easier to go to the Arbor Theater in the Arboretum.

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