Ed Menard over 1 year ago

The 111 commuter serves SW Austin, but only runs a couple of trips for commuters. Since the stops are all in place, this route could be used to provide evening service for residents to travel downtown for dinner/shows etc.

SW Austin is VERY underserved by Cap Metro. The #333 is cross town only. Getting from the Slaughter/Escarpment area to downtown is a minimum on 60-90 mins on Cap Metro.

Would like bus service on Friday and Saturday evening leaving from and returning to Oak Hill.

This would prompt my wife and I to spend more time/money downtown on the weekend instead of staying at home.

Since rail prop 1 failed in November you should consider making a metrorapid route that is similar to the urban rail. This would be a less expensive option and it is still a way to provide rapid transit. This would also help with traffic on I-35, in downtown and the UT campus.

The Metro Rail must have extended hours so that commuters can actually use the train. Mon-Thurs 4am-12am, Fri 4am-2am, Sat/Sun 7am-2am. Clubs stay open until 4am, yet the train closes at 12am - how is that helpful? People that work hours other than 8-5pm cannot use the train for commuting either. As it is now the train is mostly empty because it doesn't run the hours people need. Look at other cities and you will see they run practically 24/7. That is the only way this project will financially redeem itself.

I would like it if I could take my small dog to the dog park. Also when he needs to go to the vet, I must use and pay for a cab

CapMetro seems oblivious of the fact that many start-up and hi-tech jobs are out in godforsaken locations like Capital of Texas and 2222, and a lot of IT people would love to use public transport and chill out with their laptops or iPads for half an hour in the morning instead of driving. The idea that everyone lives in the 'burbs and works downtown is decades out of date. 

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