• Make stored value cards re loadable so you don't have to buy a new card every time which would save time.

  • Jarrod Jarrod about 2 years ago

    Give people change back when paying for bus fare so people don't have to waist time looking for change. This sometimes holds up the bus this is a small change that could add up along with not charging extra for express service have the local fare work on all services like Sam Antonio. Do yall want risers or not

  • If upper management salaries were cut the opportunity would then arise to add much needed service like service to Buda. Why does this keep being overlooked quit just catering to the rich in Leander and Lago vista. Secondly it would allow you to lower the fares to what they were in 2014. The goal is to try to re leave traffic congestion not create more traffic.

  • It's bad enough that last august route 3's frequency went to crap and now this August y'all want to decrease it again (the service change brochure said slight changes but the wait at some points is up to 10 minutes longer). Why are the busiest routes always the most infrequent? Wake up the 3 AND 803 DO NOT FULLY MEET UP WITH EACH OTHER which is pretty plain to see put 3 frequency back to what it was originally.

  • The ticket validators need to be fixed because when I used the one at the downtown station it took the ticket and didn't give it back and is it too much to ask for reduced passes to be made available at the T.V.M.'s because there are some people who qualify for reduced fare who shouldn't have to pay 7$ for a day pass when they get half off. Also if the ticket validator machines don't work either fix them or get rid of them because fares are sometimes checked on the train and that is redundant.

  • Currently route 17 runs great during the day Mon-Fri but on weekends and evenings it goes to crap a 15 minute wait during the day can become a more than an hour wait during the evenings. Many people ride the seventeen (as do I from time to time) and people would largely benefit from this being a high frequency route. Routes 21 and 22 do not come very frequently from what i can see and it would benefit many transit users for these routes to become part of the frequent routes network.

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  • Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

    It would be easy to extend the 801 south to Buda to increase ridership. Also consider installing an express bus that goes from Buda to downtown as well. Why does Lago Vista have bus service when Buda doesn't? The Buda/Kyle area is growing rapidly and and many people would benefit from these changes.

  • Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

    Double Track the Red Line to allow more frequent trains and possibly more hours of operation.

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  • Why are buses allowed to leave earlier from stops than when they're supposed to depart? This doesn't make any sense. Twice now i have missed the 3 bus because it was 5 minutes early. In the afternoon the 3 is supposed to leave Manchaca/Stasseny at 4:25 but twice I've missed it because it's came at 4:20 or 4:21. Why? Please fix this. Passengers should know that when they get to their stop on time that they haven't missed their bus.

  • Idea: Fix route 3

    Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

    Before August 2014 route 3's frequency was good after the August 2014 service changes it went to crap. This was due to "complementary" service on 803. There was NO NEED to decrease the frequency as the 3 and 803 DON'T fully meet up with each other. Increase the frequency on this route why should I have to wait longer due to a bus that I can't use (I catch the 3 on Manchaca 803 doesn't run on Manchaca). Frequency on 311 also sucks and it needs to be increased.

  • Since rail prop 1 failed in November you should consider making a metrorapid route that is similar to the urban rail. This would be a less expensive option and it is still a way to provide rapid transit. This would also help with traffic on I-35, in downtown and the UT campus.

  • I've heard about transportation systems in Europe where more people use public transportation than personal vehicles because of how the transportation system is set up. Capital metro should consider having a similar structure that would both increase ridership and cut down on Austin's traffic. First of all you should increase frequencies on routes 1 and 3 and on 801 and 803(on weekends have MetroRapid operate every 15 minutes instead of every 20 to 30 minutes). Consider running flyers and Express buses on weekends. Run Metrorail seven days a week(all day). Install more transit priority lines on MetroRapid lines. Put an express bus to Buda/Kyle so they can have service why are they being dis-serviced? Consider installing light rail lines on major corridors to help transport people quicker through the city. Consider making more flyer, MetroExpress and more MetroRapid lines. You should also consider serving Leander on the weekends. If possible you should consider subway and/or monorail lines for rapid transit. Becoming a mass transit system could really help with our traffic problem and could boost ridership for Capital Metro tremendously.

  • Putting a crosswalk here would provide a safer way to cross this street. Currently you have to wait for no cars to come and then you have to run across the street. Adding this would provide safer access between the shopping ctr and the p&r and it could give people who shop there another alternative way of getting there other than driving there since some people probably don't ride the bus there because there's not a safe way to cross center ridge.

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  • Since 801 has Metrorail connection so should the 803. It would also be a shorter walk if someone was transferring to the 803 to the rail.

  • Since this stretch of Congress is only one lane there needs to be faster way for the buses. Sometimes it takes 3-5 lights to get between this stretch of the road. Where the bus lane would end the cars should have to yield to the bus. Making this change would help on-time performance for the 801.

  • Making more hydroelectric buses would be more eco-friendly and would reduce the cost of bus operations.

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  • Since downtown routes have moved from Congress to Guadalupe/Lavaca it is now a farther walk from the buses to the downtown station. Putting a railconnecter bus that makes stops on Guadalupe/Lavaca and then goes to downtown station will make it easier to get between the bus/train without having such a long walk.

  • Currently the frequency for the 240 is once every 40-45 minutes, by increasing the frequency to at least once every 30 minutes it would make this route more dependable and will very likely boost ridership. I would like for the 142 to run all day during the week and on Saturday evenings with a new stop on Parmer/Mopac going northbound. By extending operating hours this could provide another, faster alternaitive to taking Mopac or I-35.

  • Almost all of the time theres at least one person smoking at a downtown bus stop. Granted theres a sign that says no tobacco use within 15 feet but either people dont read the sign or they flat out just dont care. Also keep in mind that smoking is a HEALTH HAZARD TO OTHER PEOPLE AT THE BUS STOP! Also i have seen bus drivers smoke at the busd stop during layovers, this could possibly give the impression that its ok to smoke at the bus stop.

  • Currently the 103 dead ends at Slaughter/Manchaca. Extending the 103 to southpark meadows could boost ridership. You should also consider running the flyer routes all day and on Saturday evenings. By doing this more people would probably take the bus because they would have other options besides just the local bus.

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  • Extending the 238 to Bowie would create transportation options for the students that go there and could help reduce traffic congestion on Slaughter Ln.

  • Currently at the T.V.M.s at Metrorail stations the only reduced fare option is the one-way ticket. I think that all reduced fare options should be reincorporated into the T.V.M.s so people who qualify for reduced fares do not have to pay more than they have to. Also they should have the option of local and premium passes.

  • Traffic in and around the downtown area would probably be less congested if the metrorail started around 12:00 P.M. as this would increase weekend transportation options.

  • A lot of people live in Buda/Kyle but they don't have easy access to bus service, in fact you have to drive all the way to Southpark Meadows to catch a bus. I think extending the 801 to Buda would also help ease traffic congestion on I-35 as well as extend transit options for people in Buda/Kyle.

  • I go to school at Crockett High School and school lets out at 4:18, but one bus comes at 4:16 and the next one isn't until 5:00. This seems like a long wait especially for rush hour. Increasing frequency to every 30 minutes seems like a more desirable alternative.