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Spammers are leaving tons of spam replies to ideas and Capita Metro is not removing the spam, which makes me wonder if Cap Metro even reads the comments and ideas posted here. Am I wasting my time by posting here.

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Please add a sign for the #18 East to the bus stop (2522) signage) at 311 MLK/San Jacinto. The #18 is on detour and it's supposed to stop there, although the relief drivers especially on the weekend don't know about it. I've read that Capital Metro plans to make this detour into part of the #18's permanent route, so the #18 should stop at this bus stop. It's a long uphill walk with a heavy bag of groceries to the next stop (2768) marked #18. Also, stop 2522 is the best place for people using #18 east to catch the southbound #20, 37,10, & 7 buses.

Self-driving buses are the future and the #350 serves east side neighborhoods. Also, the #350 runs mostly along Airport Blvd, a curved line. I suggest that Cap Metro put the first self-driving buses on the #350 route so east siders can more easily get between east side neighborhoods.

New crosstown serving 51st between 51st and 183 and northcross area along 51st northloop and hancock

Please modify bus Stop ID - 905, Stop Name - 3300 MARTIN LUTHER KING & TILLERY so people in wheelchairs can more easily get on and off the bus at this stop. At this time, people in wheelchairs have a difficult time accessing the bus at this stop, because of the curb. Please rectify the long standing situation.

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Add bus service for seniors living in Wildflower Terrace and Franklin Gardens to better access the HEB in Mueller.

In the summer service change, Cap Metro decided to realign routes 4, 21, and 22. However, while old stops were moved, there are long stretches of the road without stops. These stops should have been planned earlier, before the realignment. Since they were not, please bring them at the earliest.

Required stops: Route 4 (Eastbound): On 5th / Trinity or 5th / Neches (there was a stop at Trinity / 6th which was removed) Route 4 (Westbound) and 21: On the stretch between Guadalupe and RioGrande, preferably Nueces/5th (behind the courthouse). This is a long stretch with enough businesses and entertainment areas without a stop. Also, it connects with 22 (Eastbound) and LA shuttle. Route 22: 5th/Trinity (access to MetroRail and 100 bus stop on 4th/Trinity), 5th/Red River, Red River/E 1st and E 1st/ Sabine street (the last two are on the other side of stops for Route 21). These stops are important for accessing Red River entertainment districts and Rainey Street historic districts. Also, place them on the stop list on the linked Google Maps on

Lets be honest, pushing down vehicle pollution and encouraging public transportation doesn't work if the cities biggest employers are left out.
The Apple Complex for example.. nearest stop 1.3 miles? I would rather spend 600 a month in gas then walk 1.3 miles twice a day.... Why is it so hard to plan strategically for big businesses?

Almost all of the time theres at least one person smoking at a downtown bus stop. Granted theres a sign that says no tobacco use within 15 feet but either people dont read the sign or they flat out just dont care. Also keep in mind that smoking is a HEALTH HAZARD TO OTHER PEOPLE AT THE BUS STOP! Also i have seen bus drivers smoke at the busd stop during layovers, this could possibly give the impression that its ok to smoke at the bus stop.

I would like it if I could take my small dog to the dog park. Also when he needs to go to the vet, I must use and pay for a cab

If we have a small dog or cat, we should be allowed to ride the bus as long as they're in a carrier. We can hold the carrier in our laps. They can't get out or cause problems in the carrier. I have a dog and no car so I have to pay for a taxi to take him to the Vet and I can't take him anywhere else. I live in an area with nothing around but business so no park to play in. I've lived in several states and they allowed an animal on the bus as long as it was caged. Even Greyhound allows it. This would save me so much money in taxi fees.

I frequently take the # 3 north to 45th street, Northcross Mall, and the Arboretum area. I rarely see people get off at the Domain, but many do get off in the Arboretum area. I have nothing against the new bus line that will serve the Domain, but I oppose running the #3 bus less frequently.

I live in central east Austin. At this time, there is only one movie theater near me. That's the Violet Crown. With all the festivals and marathons occupying the downtown area, it's almost impossible to take the bus downtown to see a movie there. It's easier to go to the Arbor Theater in the Arboretum.

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Put the public notice in all the buses and on the major stops so that riders can know about the changes before they take effect and to be able to have a say. If the only way that the Cap Metro is going to advertise these public hearing is through there website. This is not very public,because the marority of riders either doing have a computer or access to a computer. This tells me that Cap Metro doesn't want the riders to know what is going on.

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Could you please add free wifi to the new buses for the metroRapid service?  Thank you

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