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Hane Amlen at December 14, 2017 at 3:41am PST

Nowadays I am seeing many more website there is an option for customer reviews but some people are using this option very wrong they are giving fake reviews. How I can control this fake reviews, I have a website HND Assignments for this website I want to stop this fake review option someone helps me to resolve this problem.

Lin Kru at December 13, 2017 at 5:02am PST

Spammers are leaving tons of spam replies to ideas and Capita Metro is not removing the spam, which makes me wonder if Cap Metro even reads the comments and ideas posted here. Am I wasting my time by posting here.

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Keep off topic commits under the correct Idea topic and stop disrupting the forums.

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I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android) and can't participate in the Project Connect vision discussion.

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So I had an interesting experience today with the trip planner. I had just boarded the train to work when I got an email inviting me to a job interview this afternoon. Wasn't sure if I could get there on the bus, so I plugged the info into the trip planner (I needed to get from UT to 2128 Barton Skyway). I was looking to minimize time and walking distance, and I got a pretty decent route that only required a 0.36 mile walk.

Only problem was, that 0.36 mile walk was through the Barton Creek Greenbelt! And some places quite steep and difficult to tackle in ballet flats. Now, I have lived in Austin all my life and should have very well known when I looked at the itinerary that I would have to cross the creek to get from Spyglass and Barton Hills to Barton Skyway and Barton Hills. I was just in too much of a hurry so that I could say yes to the interview (and I got the job, btw, so I'm happy enough).

I just wondered if someone who is not from Austin would have had a clue what to do , much less have though to look to see if the 0.36 mile walk included rough terrain. I wonder if there is any way to make sure that kind of information is accounted for in the trip planner? It would be one thing if it was just crushed granite paths, but it was rocky and steep, and, had it not been so dry lately, might have involved some wading!

Again, I'm just happy I made it and got the job, but I would be concerned for those who might be a little less adventurous, less familiar with the city, and/or for someone who might end up in that situation at night.

So, just a heads up. Be interested to know if programmers can work that in.

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Dan Keshet almost 6 years ago

According to statistics posted by Capital Metro's ideas coordinator on this facebook post*, 18% of site ideas have completed review (planned, not planned, in progress, implemented), and an additional 14% are currently under review. 66% of ideas are languishing as "acknowledged." (Additionally, I'd note that many of the ones that have completed review are proposals that turned out to already be in the works.)

The goal, as per that facebook post, is to review every single idea. But unless the number of new ideas languishes, that is clearly an unrealistic goal. So I propose:

1) Each month, select the top 2 highest-voted ideas for review by Capital Metro staff. This number can be adjusted if capacity is smaller or larger.

2) After an idea has failed to be selected for review in 3 straight months, move it from "acknowledged" state to "archived" state. This will give new ideas a greater chance of being selected for review, and give less of a sense of ideas simply languishing forever.

3) Make putting an idea under review more of an event. Pick the same day each month to select the 2 ideas to review, make an announcement, have a link along the left-hand side to "latest ideas under review". Just do something to let people know that ideas actually do get reviewed off of here.

I'm not saying this is the be-all, end-all of ideas to improve this site. But the site feels pretty dead, it sets unrealistic expectations, and I'd love to see something shaken up a little bit to give it more of a live, community feel.

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When you scan a QR code on the new bus signs, it goes to an overview page for the bus stop, with several options.  If the data validates my guess that 90% of QR scanning usage is for people to see when the next bus time is, then you could save everybody a few clicks by loading the "next stops" page directly when the QR code is scanned and leaving the "back" button so people who want to trip plan or see a map of the bus stop they're standing at can do that with an extra click.

This would not take replacing all the QR codes; it could be done strictly on the server side.

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How about picking a different redirect for the capmetro.com URL? This ideas page is a great idea, and I was happy to find it initially, but it's really annoying to come to this page accidentally on a daily basis when what I really want is the bus schedule and accidentally type in www.capmetro.com rather than .org.

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