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Idea: The Wire!

Hunter McDonald about 3 years ago

It would be a great system to marry to the ground transportation and help grow into additional regions that are not being served.

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I urge you to seriously consider the idea floating around (proposed by Frog Design) of using a system of ski gondolas as a mass transit system for Austin (instead of or partially instead of light rail). The system would be significantly cheaper than light rail, would be a wonderful way to travel (thereby encouraging ridership), would be flexible enough to accommodate peak times and dates, and would offer many other advantages (e.g., does not require bridge space to cross the lake; would add to Austin's quirky brand, ec.). Once people hear about the details (e.g., regarding the speed of the gondolas, etc.), the only people I have head object to it are ones who have a financial interest in the competing light rail system. More details here: 




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