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Make stored value cards re loadable so you don't have to buy a new card every time which would save time.

Jarrod Jarrod about 2 years ago

Give people change back when paying for bus fare so people don't have to waist time looking for change. This sometimes holds up the bus this is a small change that could add up along with not charging extra for express service have the local fare work on all services like Sam Antonio. Do yall want risers or not

The ticket validators need to be fixed because when I used the one at the downtown station it took the ticket and didn't give it back and is it too much to ask for reduced passes to be made available at the T.V.M.'s because there are some people who qualify for reduced fare who shouldn't have to pay 7$ for a day pass when they get half off. Also if the ticket validator machines don't work either fix them or get rid of them because fares are sometimes checked on the train and that is redundant.

Currently at the T.V.M.s at Metrorail stations the only reduced fare option is the one-way ticket. I think that all reduced fare options should be reincorporated into the T.V.M.s so people who qualify for reduced fares do not have to pay more than they have to. Also they should have the option of local and premium passes.

I use the Tech Ridge Park & Ride and i hate that i cant buy tickets because i take the bus to the train station every day. i want to be able to buy train tickets at Tech Ridge.

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The fare structure needs to be completely reworked if Cap Metro is to be successful. First, you need prepaid fare cards, and give a discount to those who use them. Second, add back transfers for those who pay with a fare card, and either do away with day passes completely, or raise the price to say 5 times the individual fare. I know several Austinites who had bad experiences on busses, which were serving as mobile cooling stations/recreational vehicles for Austin's homeless and mentally ill, who will NEVER be back. Before LA raised its fares, it was very much the same there. Follow the lead of professional bus companies in real cities and CapMetro will grow and be embraced by Austin's people.

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I have to buy them because the train is how i get to work every day. i cant afford to pay almost 80 USD a month just to ride the train. Thats Nine Hundred Dollars A YEAR!!!

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Cyndee x over 4 years ago

It would be so great to have a mobile app for your phone instead of having to stand in line to purchase a bus pass or pay $2 for it to be mailed to you. Maybe this would increase the frequency of ontime busses so folks dont have to stand around and feed their change to the meter and make us late. The fare increase requiring change will only make the travel longer and in 2015 the regional card will g up by 30% I dont know about you--but the cost of living increase and hourly wage is not increasing by 30%. The consultant is obviously not a full time bus rider!!!

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Dcj x over 4 years ago

Regarding the proposed rate increase for Stored Value Cards, I would like to point out that paying $19 for $20 in rides is a discount scarcely worth standing in line at the HEB to purchase. When I first started buying them, they gave the rider a 50% discount off regular rates, which was definitely worth it. Right now, you pay $12 for $15 in rides, which is marginally worth standing in line. I would think it would be worth it to the company to incentivize advance purchase better by discounting more deeply for the Stored Value and other passes. Money up front is a good thing, yes?

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Put the public notice in all the buses and on the major stops so that riders can know about the changes before they take effect and to be able to have a say. If the only way that the Cap Metro is going to advertise these public hearing is through there website. This is not very public,because the marority of riders either doing have a computer or access to a computer. This tells me that Cap Metro doesn't want the riders to know what is going on.

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