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Ed Menard over 1 year ago

The 111 commuter serves SW Austin, but only runs a couple of trips for commuters. Since the stops are all in place, this route could be used to provide evening service for residents to travel downtown for dinner/shows etc.

SW Austin is VERY underserved by Cap Metro. The #333 is cross town only. Getting from the Slaughter/Escarpment area to downtown is a minimum on 60-90 mins on Cap Metro.

This gives residents in South Austin and Oak Hill connectivity to the current and future businesses on Southwest Parkway and along Wm. Cannon North of the Oak Hill P&R. This would only be needed for a few of the trips each morning/afternoon at a minimum and would be opposite the 970 route which is only useful for coming from downtown.

Robin x over 3 years ago

expanding wait times (in hot/inclement weather) is going to kill your #3 ridership numbers. The people who can actually choose to board the route are going to just take cars.

You're only going to give drivers more time to 'goof off'. at the expense of [people who cannot afford/legally cannot drive private vehicles

This will impact their timely access to jobs, health care---as well as the political viability of the two board members trying to extend their terms in office. Yes, people who ride buses are allowed to vote in Austin.

Do we really believe they would vote for somebody who made them wait in bad weather?? Or who made them miss a job/job interview because they had to travel all day on what used to be an easy route?? Why would we want people like this in public office---and remaining on the Capital Metro board??

Fortunately, this agency comes up for another Sunset Commission review.

It will be interesting to explain how extending the travel wait times of the most impoverished people is beneficial trip planning!! Or how the board arrived at this conclusion!!

Vancouver TransLink did a study on the straightness of their routes, and the highest performing routes were the straightest routes. http://www.translink.ca/en/Plans-and-Projects/Managing-the-Transit-Network/Transit-System-Performance.aspx

I know there are plenty of CapMetro buses that take little detours so they can cover more areas (e.g. the 20-Manor/Riverside as it dips south via Pleasant Valley, Oltorf, and Wickersham). These little detours make service slow for everyone.

Simply put, straighter routes:

  • Make it easier for people to understand where the bus goes
  • Encourage more people to ride the bus because it will be faster
  • Encourage development along the corridor because of more dependable transit service
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The 400's should be reserved specifically for routes that run late at night. Use the 500 block instead for rail connectors. Don't worry, you won't anytime soon run out of numbers in that range for your rail lines!

Special services like 151, 161, and 490 might make more sense in a separate block, especially with more under consideration. The 700's if unused are a candidate for this flexible routing. Otherwise, sharing the 600's wouldn't be a bad choice since the UT shuttles are distinguished by their better known letter names.

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CapMetro sucks on all levels as of now.  I don't know who is in charge but most likely some educated person who is out of touch with poverty and public transportation.  How is it that it takes and an hour and a half  to get to a place by bus that is only ten minutes away by vehicle?  I wait over a half hour for buses that should run every 15 minutes on weekdays and 25 on weekends.  Do you not realize capmetro that this is bustling city and you swindle people to dump the pump to catch one of your crappy bus systems.  Capmetro was once revered in Austin.  Now its a slug of slow service, unecessary conjoined bus routes, and you don't even run pass 10 pm on Sundays.  You think people stop moving about the city by 10pm? Think again.  How about you run your service 24 hours like self proclaimed "major cities" and follow suit?

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I have reviewed the Proposed Service changes for August, and think that the changes to the #30 bus are a very bad idea. I cannot understand the idea that ridership is low on the Robert E. Lee route, particularly during this part of the year. From roughly SXSW to ACL, often the #30 is crammed with riders wanting to get off on the Robert E.Lee side of Barton Springs/Zilker Park. Plus, there's many people who ride Cap Metro who live in the neighborhood. I could understand eliminating the #29 a couple of years ago, but eliminating *ALL* access to a part of the route that is so needed seems very short-sighted. As someone who's relied on Cap Metro for nearly 25 years, I must soundly disagree with this change.

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I would like to propose that the 481 Night Owl extend its service north to the Tech Ridge Park and Ride and the Howard Station. It currently goes from downtown late at night to as far north as the Lamar Transit Center. This expansion would coincide well with the very recent addition of mid-night service on the MetroRail.

Initially, it seems like it would be very simple to just extend the last service of the 481 to Howard Station and see how much ridership increases. This change would not effect the frequency of the 481 for the current riders. It would also only marginally increase cost, but at the same time bring a large area of previously unserviced late night riders.

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Jarrett Houston almost 6 years ago

It would be great to see the route extended to serve Tech Ridge P&R.  Not sure about the demand for this.  I know ridership on N. Lamar drops off after Rundberg and even more after Braker, but it might be worth testing out.  It could possibly attract those who use the park and ride and want to go Downtown.  The 485 could be extended from Braker and N. Lamar to Tech Ridge and travel back down Dessau from Parmer or Howard.

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