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Would like bus service on Friday and Saturday evening leaving from and returning to Oak Hill.

This would prompt my wife and I to spend more time/money downtown on the weekend instead of staying at home.

Many of us ride from the same few stops on a regular basis -- Usually the ones close to our home, office, or school. It would be convenient to be able to add these stops to a list that is easily accessible.

Application development ideas summary: - Add button to stop service display page under "Plan a Trip From Here" called "Add To Your Stops". If the stop is already in the list, this button should be "Remove From Your Stops". - Display Your Stops in a scrollable listbox beneath "Find Stops Near Me" on the initial "Next Bus" screen, like the list obtained after selecting "Find Stops Near Me". Pressing an item in the list would take you directly to the stop service display for that stop. - Add long-press action to list items in "Select a Nearby Stop" to add stops to "Your Stops" list - Add long-press action to "Your Stops" listbox to remove stops from the list

Bonus Item: - Display all available service, in order of time to arrival, of any stop in "Your Stops" list that is within 1/2 mile of current position -- To locate next service available in walking distance

Work with APD to help save lives by providing 24 hour service during no refusal weekends. Everybody wins. More late night routes.

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Me and over 15 other co employees would benefit from a stop at Metropolis and Burleson Road. The exact address is 6800 Burleson Road.

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Lets be honest, pushing down vehicle pollution and encouraging public transportation doesn't work if the cities biggest employers are left out.
The Apple Complex for example.. nearest stop 1.3 miles? I would rather spend 600 a month in gas then walk 1.3 miles twice a day.... Why is it so hard to plan strategically for big businesses?

The idea of 801 is very great, but still there are too many people rely on 1L/1M. 801 station is too far for walk distance. (15 mins to 20 mins walk for some stops) Since the frequency of #1 reduced to 30 min a bus, it is always full of people during peak hour. (Today when I was on the bus, I heard the bus driver even told people that the bus is too full to pick up more passengers) It also becomes a bus route that is always delayed!! In the evening, the DELAY TIME is even up to 30 MINS!!! Which is horrible. It is slightly better in the morning, but it is still 10 to 25 min delay! #1 was a bus route that was always on time, and I love to take, but now it became extremely hard for people who need to make transfer. (since now the schedule is hard to predict! and the bus I am going to transfer is 30 min frequency, too) I believe if the frequency of #1 can be increased to 15-17 min during peak hours would be able to solve this problem.

Idea: 111

Al x over 4 years ago

I like the 111 but going NB I wish it would go on Guadalupe after MLK. It could turn left on 21st then right on Guadalupe, then right on Dean Keeton. The 171 already goes along San Jacinto. There are at least 8 of us who have to wait on FA to get to Main Bldg or West campus. FA does not always run. No need to have a new bus mimic another route (171). Also have heard others in the neighborhood say if there were more times they would ride the 111. I currently have to use vacation time to try and catch the last bus back south. Will probably have to drive starting in the Fall/August.

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Due to vast development in NNE Austin, and with it a marked increase in traffic, we request a route on the Dessau/Cameron Road corridor. Currently, there is no uninterrupted bus service whatsoever, only a couple of buses that start and end at different cross streets that aren’t anywhere near one another, making ridership from one end of Dessau to the other of Cameron, and most places in between, impractical, if not impossible.
May we have a line running the length of Dessau & Cameron Roads to accommodate the increased population, relieve traffic congestion, and encourage economical mass transit ridership?

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Idea: N. Lamar

Teamf x over 4 years ago

More transport for this major North/South Street!

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Effie Bradley over 4 years ago

The maps still show 466 going through the Domain, but the 466 does not go through the domain.  I've talked with the driver of 466 and he says his route takes him down Amherst in Milwood.  I LOVE that the 466 comes down Amherst, through my neighborhood.  BUT there are no stops marked along Amherst for pick up and drop off of 466 (although the bus driver seems to think he should pick up and drop off along this road.)  PLEASE, add 466 to the signs along Amherst.  PLEASE, update maps, schedules and signs to reflect this route.  How can anyone take this bus if there are no signs and the map and schedule is wrong?

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