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As a new Austin resident who also happens to be a student, I have found it quite difficult to make my way around downtown Austin to the various college campuses to which I must travel due to the fact that individual bus stops are not announced. Even with such useful apps like Maps and Dadnab, knowing exactly when to press the stop request is not always obvious for me, particularly as someone who is not very skilled in telling directions and who recently lived in a major city where every stop was clearly announced on public transit. I would greatly appreciate it if this auditory service would be implemented on at least the major bus routes in order to benefit those, like me, who are new to the city. Also, I feel that this service is quite essential in order for Capital Metro to adequately comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Please modify bus Stop ID - 905, Stop Name - 3300 MARTIN LUTHER KING & TILLERY so people in wheelchairs can more easily get on and off the bus at this stop. At this time, people in wheelchairs have a difficult time accessing the bus at this stop, because of the curb. Please rectify the long standing situation.

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Putting a crosswalk here would provide a safer way to cross this street. Currently you have to wait for no cars to come and then you have to run across the street. Adding this would provide safer access between the shopping ctr and the p&r and it could give people who shop there another alternative way of getting there other than driving there since some people probably don't ride the bus there because there's not a safe way to cross center ridge.

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Almost all of the time theres at least one person smoking at a downtown bus stop. Granted theres a sign that says no tobacco use within 15 feet but either people dont read the sign or they flat out just dont care. Also keep in mind that smoking is a HEALTH HAZARD TO OTHER PEOPLE AT THE BUS STOP! Also i have seen bus drivers smoke at the busd stop during layovers, this could possibly give the impression that its ok to smoke at the bus stop.

There are far too many drunks on the buses, not just at night but in the early afternoon. They get on the bus and just ride around until the route ends and they are forced off. Especially when going through downtown, homeless drunks get on and sexually harass young girls and make extremely inappropriate comments toward the driver and other passengers. Most riders are students and commuters who simply just want to get to their destination quietly and safely. Drivers should be refusing service and kicking the nuisances off much sooner when they are obviously causing a problem. Or having additional undercover law enforcement to keep us safe.

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Clearly mark all bus stop "zones" on the street and enforce illegal parking within bus stop zones downtown. When vehicles park "in" bus stops the visibility of waiting riders from a bus operator's view point is diminished. If they can't see you they end up driving right by. This is especially true of taller vehicles. This may require co-ordination with the police.

Background: I have been driven by without being picked up while waiting for the westbound 4 and 22 on 6th and Nueces 3 times because a truck was parked in the bus stop. This was even despite me frantically waiving over head with both arms. The truck is on a regular schedule and I have learned to wait in the street for the buses while also waiving both arms. Waiting in the street is probably a safety issue and potential legal nightmare. 

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Don Dickson almost 5 years ago

I wonder if I might enlist JMVC's and/or Councilman Mike's help to make this happen. The on-demand crosswalks and cut-outs that were added along South Congress have made the entire neighborhood much more pedestrian and transit friendly. But I'd like to see one more installed at the location of bus stops 517 and 577. I don't understand why that wasn't in the original plan. The northernmost on-demand crosswalk connects a rock wall on one side of the street and a collision repair shop on the other.  And it's a little redundant, being very near the next traffic signal at Congress and Nellie. Putting one where I suggest would serve two large office buildings at 611/612 S. Congress, a large apartment complex at 1007 S. Congress, and two 1L/1M bus stops. During peak traffic hours it is very difficult and a little scary to get off the s/b 1L/1M at stop 517 and get over to the other side of the street. Is there any hope of making this happen?

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