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It just makes sense to have a driver/operator on the Board because who knows Austin and area streets and transit customers better. There are a number of operators who are military veterans with backgrounds in strategic, tactical planning.

Robin x almost 3 years ago

You lost the rail and both Mike's mayor race and Chris's election under 10-1. People did not like what Capital Metro/Capital Metro board was doing. You do not have bargaining room anymore.

*Make Metro Rapid Local---like other Texas cities ALREADY do for their public transit system. Even McDonalds in Austin does not charge premium for wi-fi.

*Stop reducing frequency of the local service people are using. We know the 3 does not meet up with the 803 completely, there was no reason to reduce the route frequency. And the 1 is always overcrowded too.

*Don't take bus service away from places people are using, like brackenridge hospital/the specialty clinics at brackenridge. Your chair could not be a 'champion' of the poor when he reduces their transit to public health care services.


Integrating the route maps with Google Maps like DART does would provide an easy way for people to find their way around. I'd recommend coordinating the 801 and 803 Rapid routes and the MetroRail Red Line to show up as they do in the image I uploaded. This would be a simple way to show CapMetro routes on main corridors without much difficulty, and would save people the trouble of clicking a bus stop (such as Republic Square Station and then checking capmetro.org for the route.

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Since downtown routes have moved from Congress to Guadalupe/Lavaca it is now a farther walk from the buses to the downtown station. Putting a railconnecter bus that makes stops on Guadalupe/Lavaca and then goes to downtown station will make it easier to get between the bus/train without having such a long walk.

Capital Metro Board of Directors including the CEO should be elected by the registered voters of Travis and Williamson Counties. They will be term limited to two 2-Year Terms in Office, and be required to take the bus to and from work.

During an election period, campaign finance money will be equally distributed to all candidates and private donations are prohibited to encourage fair, balanced, and level elections.

A maximum of 4 candidates for each position will be accepted on the ballot.

The Salary of the CEO will be reduced from $300,000 a year to $74,000 a year.

John Michael Vincent Cortez, a Democrat violated the United States Constitution on April 1st, 2014. He also violated the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA)

He has deleted my posts on several occasions and posts made by others in reckless disregard to the United States Constitution.

Here is part of the particulars on John Michael Vincent Cortez where he disparages Republicans: He should not be continued to be employed in your organization. This shows his true colors of partisanship. (Possible violation of the Hatch Act)


Why I Am Now Even More Dogged for Doggett

by: JMVC Wed Oct 12, 2011 at 09:08 PM CDT

(Readers have been asking us for more coverage of the TX-35 Democratic primary. Here is a perspective from an Austin voter and reader on the race. - promoted by Karl-Thomas Musselman)

By John-Michael Vincent Cortez I am a young, Latino elected official - and I want to see more Latinos, especially young ones, in elected office at all levels of government. Not only is an increase in Latino representation warranted given our demographic reality, but it is also generally in the best interest of having a government that substantively represents the communities it serves. However, in the case of the newly created Congressional District 35, I argue that Hispanic community interests could not be more substantively and effectively represented than they are currently by Congressman Lloyd Doggett. For this, and many other reasons, if this travesty of Republican gerrymandering is to stand, I firmly believe Congressman Doggett is the best candidate to represent CD35 in Washington.

Despite my strong support of Doggett, until very recently, I did not begrudge Joaquin Castro for his efforts to take advantage of this terrible situation created by another Republican power grab by announcing his intent to run in CD35. However, I am now terribly disappointed by recent reports of Castro's involvement along side the very Republicans who have essentially disenfranchised me, my neighbors, and many communities all the way down to Bexar County. As a result, my support of Doggett is firmer still, and I hope you will join me.

I always found it odd that Castro and many of his supporters were justifying his challenge to Congressman Doggett by claiming that he would be more effective than Lloyd, because Castro knew best how to get along with Republicans. Well, most folks I know want someone who will stand up to Republican extremism, not go along with it. However, I previously felt that Castro's claims to be strongly opposed to the GOP congressional map were believable - no committed Democrat could justifiably support this plan that illegally divides communities across Texas. However, we now know that this purported opposition was only superficial, as Castro worked hand-in-hand with Republicans to draw the most favorable district for himself, no matter how many of us were harmed.

At the recent trial in Federal Court in San Antonio, Republicans actually used Castro's involvement as part of their defense against Democratic claims that this redistricting plan is illegal. Republicans essentially said: "Hey, it was not Republicans alone who drew this map to which you Democrats are objecting, we were just following the advice of Democratic State Rep. Castro (and his friend, Redistricting Committee Vice Chair Rep. Mike Villareal)." Castro wanted this crooked District carving up neighborhoods in San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, Lockhart and Austin. Then he asked that this area be carved up a little more to add what he thought would be even more favorable additional territory in San Antonio along with symbolic locations like the Alamo.

Why are parts of San Marcos, Kyle and Lockhart consigned to Tea Party Republican Lamar Smith or Blake Farenthold? Why are the people of East Austin and the Eastside of San Antonio and Harlandale split up to weaken the strength of their voices? Because the only community of interest Castro seemed to care about was his own interest when he reached out to GOP map drawers to draw himself into Congress. One small step forward for Castro, but one lamentable step backwards for our Hispanic communities generally.

The effect of moving more strongly democratic precincts into the proposed CD35 has caused great harm across Bexar County. Castro actually agreed to the removal of longtime Rep. Charlie Gonzalez's home and district office as well as the core of downtown San Antonio from his district, replacing that area with more conservative neighborhoods. This makes the district of the Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus considerably less Hispanic. The long list of grievances with Castro's configuration of Rep. Gonzalez's district has been covered in two different stories, published in the San Antonio News Express on October 8 ( Article1 & Article2 ). The precincts that Rep. Gonzalez says he wants restored to his district by the Federal Court are the very ones Castro supported removing. And what about working with other Democrats to regain the Congress? Castro was willing to remove some of the strongest southside Democratic precincts from the district of Rep. Quico Canseco (Freshman Republican who defeated Congressman Ciro Rodriquez last year). That helps protect Conseco and makes it more difficult for a Democrat to defeat him. This seat is critical if Democrats are to win back the US House of Representatives next year.

And there are more news reports showing how Castro collaborated with Republicans in support of the Perrymandering congressional map now being challenged in court.

In a fawning profile in his hometown paper, the San Antonio Express News, dated October 5, (http://www.mysanantonio.com/default/article/Rep-Castro-looks-to-leap-to-bigger-stage-2198786.php) reports that Castro worked with Republicans Lyle Larson and redistricting committee chairman Burt Solomon (author of the anti-immigrant "Sanctuary Cities" bill) to move precincts from other nearby districts to the new 35th district. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Before Democratic state Rep. Joaquín Castro of San Antonio declared he would run in a contested new congressional district that stretches like Silly Putty from downtown to Austin, he placed a strategic call to a member of the rival party in control of its shifting boundaries. State Rep. Lyle Larson, R-San Antonio, knew Castro as an ideologically distant yet collegial member of the House. Castro "asked me to help with the (redistricting) chairman, Burt Solomons, in dealing with adding some Hispanic precincts," Larson said, "so it's more likely that the person who wins the district would come from Bexar County."

Again, probably a great move for Castro, but what about the communities that have been split up to serve his ambitions and Republican interests?

Perhaps the most troubling part of this whole affair is that Castro seems to have misrepresented his involvement in this unseemly process: On July 27, 2011 Castro told an audience of Travis County Democratic leaders:

"I know that congressional districts have been a very sore spot, especially Travis County, because of the way the districts were cut up. And I want you guys to know I agree with you on that. I voted against all the Republican redistricting. I voted with Dawnna Dukes to keep Travis County in just two parts, rather than have it be divided into five." (Source: Travis County Democratic Party County Executive Committee Meeting Speech)

Despite his vote, Castro failed to disclose that he had worked with Republicans to develop their map, designing a district for himself, improving Republican Canseco's district, and tearing apart communities represented by Rep. Charlie Gonzalez.

I really want to see more Latinos in Congress, but in attempting to custom-make himself a district, Castro has done tremendous damage to the communities he claims to represent, and the political party to which he belongs.

Newly-minted Republican Aaron Pena is not the only State Representative to misrepresent his role in redistricting. Perhaps we should treat them both the same.

I had no other choice but to copy and paste my comments and repost them, and to use other accounts set up by myself or others.




The Internal Revenue Service has made it is mission to target Tea Party Conservatives, and silence them, and so has Capital Metro.

Senator Ted Cruz's office will also be contacted in regards to this charade by Capital Metro. Does your agency want a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee? Because I can make it happen!

This page has been saved to file and printed. It shows you deleted this. You shouldn't be censoring ideas relevant to Capital Metro a FEDERALLY FUNDED GOVERNMENT AGENCY. I will be mailing this to the Texas Attorney General's Office, My elected officials, and the Federal Transit Administration.

Fact those were HIS OWN WORDS HE IS CURRENTLY HOLDING A PUBLIC OFFICE, BUT HIS PARTISANSHIP IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST IN A TAXPAYER FUNDED PUBLIC TRANSIT AGENCY. It is akin to Capital Metro advertising "We Stand with Wendy" on taxpayer funded vehicles.


I will be printing copies of this petition and it will be provided in City Council Chambers tomorrow! You John Michael Vincent-Cortez are not going to silence my speech!

Screw urban rail, light rail and regional rail. Way too costly. Think future, think COST EFFECTIVE, think Monorail... But of course you would not get your huge government subsidies but you could operate more efficiently.

For more info... https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Austin_Monorail/info

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So called "Conservatives" Senator John Cornyn, and Roger Williams along with Lloyd Doggett who is a Liberal both who are up for re election this year gave capital metro letters of support of TIGER grants which is nothing but pork barrel spending tinkering with trolley tracks. It is to the tune of $27 million dollars and none of it will benefit the Austin community.

Here is an idea, Expand the bus service, and buy more buses.

Because trains cost to much, and cost too little.

California's BART is in financial difficulty because of their must have rail everywhere at all costs attitude.

We don't want to become like California, do we?

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Hatecapmetro x over 4 years ago

tax funded bus drivers should not be in a union, period.

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Improve the next departure feature for smart phone apps. The feature would leverage GPS within the smart phone to detail all departures/all routes within a reasonable radius of riders proximity (say 1000 ft.). This achieves two objectives: 1) Easy discovery of stop/route locations close by, 2) No need to be at the stop or know the stop ID to get the next bus(which is the way it currently works).

Thanks for listening

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