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run a route from acc in oak hill up 1826 to slaughter then down slaughter to ih35 so connections to 238, 3, 10, 201 , & 801 would be possible & would correct the issue with acc in oak hill

Josue Meiners about 2 years ago

There are currently no great East/West connections between the east side and the Highland, Crestview, and Allendale neighborhoods. It would be great if you had a route that went from St. John's east of 35 that continues west and then down Lamar to Justin Ln. It could end up at Justin Ln/Burnett (possibly all the way to Shoal Creek Blvd). This would connect the MetroRail, 801, 803 and the 1 with the 3 (among other routes)

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There are no public transit options are available for workers in West Austin, but there are an ever-growing larger number of office buildings and homes along 360. Traffic along 360 is horrendous during rush hour and only growing worse. There's no chance of reducing the number of cars, since there are no transportation alternatives.

I understand there's some concern about buses stopping on the side of 360, but I think an easy workaround could be done out of using smaller cross-streets or even next to a few shopping centers.

It'd be great to have routes extending along 360 from north-central Austin (Northcross) or downtown, but even a transfer option would be better than nothing.

Peyton Murray over 2 years ago

Add Urban Cable connecting downtown and campus to AUS and other attractions and shopping districts.

Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

It would be easy to extend the 801 south to Buda to increase ridership. Also consider installing an express bus that goes from Buda to downtown as well. Why does Lago Vista have bus service when Buda doesn't? The Buda/Kyle area is growing rapidly and and many people would benefit from these changes.

Add bus service for seniors living in Wildflower Terrace and Franklin Gardens to better access the HEB in Mueller.

I've heard about transportation systems in Europe where more people use public transportation than personal vehicles because of how the transportation system is set up. Capital metro should consider having a similar structure that would both increase ridership and cut down on Austin's traffic. First of all you should increase frequencies on routes 1 and 3 and on 801 and 803(on weekends have MetroRapid operate every 15 minutes instead of every 20 to 30 minutes). Consider running flyers and Express buses on weekends. Run Metrorail seven days a week(all day). Install more transit priority lines on MetroRapid lines. Put an express bus to Buda/Kyle so they can have service why are they being dis-serviced? Consider installing light rail lines on major corridors to help transport people quicker through the city. Consider making more flyer, MetroExpress and more MetroRapid lines. You should also consider serving Leander on the weekends. If possible you should consider subway and/or monorail lines for rapid transit. Becoming a mass transit system could really help with our traffic problem and could boost ridership for Capital Metro tremendously.

Jay Jay almost 3 years ago

Capital Metro should sponser a monthly "Beta Route" market the heck out of it, and see how much ridership it can get. At the end of the year the top performer of the 12 months becomes a new route.

Walkability is getting better downtown but more options are needed to get in and around downtown Austin from just outside of it. This route would provide access to 1,000s of intown apartments, for students, and urban dwellers to be able to commute to jobs. Most of the proposed route follows old streetcar lines where density is higher.

Rebuild the rail along 3rd street to connect the downtown station with the Amtrak route.  Americans love to have their cars available to them, and many don't use public transportation because it feels like an A or B option.  Auto Trains already exist, the leap is to make an Urban autotrain to transport cars quickly by rail.  Customers would drive their car onto the train diagonally, and when exiting would approach a Toll fixture just like we have on highways.  Between Nueces and Guadalupe on the north side of 3rd street is two full blocks of parking.  This would be the future location of the downtown autotrain stop.  Cars would be let off in two phases, and there would be several toll booths to accomodate the eventual merging of lanes on the opposite side.  Future thinking!  Urban AutoRail!  Seemingly outrageous ideas are the ones that change the world!

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Extend Bus Stop #243 Wells Branch.  (It turns off at Heatherwilde)  Let it go past Heatherwilde past the New Department of Public Safety and Brookfield Subdivision (Extends from Wells Branch to Dessau) Many residents are disabled, students and single moms w/ kids. Thank You!

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