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We should ask Capital Metro to substize the van pool rider as they do for the commute train and bus riders. I believe that they possibly pay 95% of cost of train riders and 75% the cost of bus riders. They are likely paying less than 30% of the cost for the van pool riders with the new pay structure.

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Not sure if all vanpools experience the same thing but we have a vanpool with many riders who work on a workplace where there is quaterly to 6-month hour rotation which causes them to transfer-out of their vanpool to another vanpool. This will affect the ridership budget with the new structure and may just not be cost-effective for vanpools that may wind up with low-ridership on some months of the year.

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Under the current proposed changes for, it lists that the RideShare vanpools should pay for their own gas usage and mileage. Unfortunately the vans are not fuel efficient. Asking people to pay for the VanPool gasoline will cause a drop in ridership as people will opt to ride in their more fuel efficient automobiles. Ultimately it is cheaper if you live in South Austin or Leander, to drive your own vehicle if you are expected to pay for both mileage and gasoline.

There are several options: 1) Don't ask people to pay for the gas for the rideshare program. 2) Only purchase fuel efficient hybrids which get better gas mileage than personal vehicles. (If you are asking people to pay for gas, it better be cheaper to fuel the RideShare vehicle than their personal vehicle.) 3) Adjust the cost of monthly ridership to cover some of the fuel costs, but keep it as a flat rate monthly fee. 4) Ask customers to either pay for Mileage or gas, not both. Asking customers to pay for both mileage and gas removes any benefit from using the CapMetro RideShare Program. If we have to pay for mileage and gas, we might as well use our on transportation that we currently pay mileage and gas on.

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create a universal ride pass that allows vanpool riders to access local and express bus service as alternatives to return to their parked cars at the park-and-ride.  To address current concerns on abuse of bus passes by vanpoolers, Capmetro can limit the number of bus rides in these passes to a maximum of 12-15 rides a month so vanpoolers cannot give the pass to other people.  Having access to express line is fair because vanpool vans start in Express line park-and-ride stops.  If Capmetro really aims at helping to improve air quality and encourage people to use public transits, then it has to make it easy for riders who would then want to use their service.

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