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803 SB during rush hour essentially runs at same speed as 3 SB, which defeats the purpose of using the Rapid. I commute from Crossroads Station to Brodie Oaks Station. The route really bottlenecks at Cesar Chavez between downtown and the southbound turn on to Lamar, especially at BR Reynolds. I think it would be a great idea to re-route during rush hour, to follow the 801 SB route down S. First to Barton Springs. And take Barton Springs westbound to Lamar. The only stop that will be affected is the makeshift stop at Guadalupe/2nd St. My guess is this would shave 15-20 minutes off the route time during those peak hours in the afternoon.

Since rail prop 1 failed in November you should consider making a metrorapid route that is similar to the urban rail. This would be a less expensive option and it is still a way to provide rapid transit. This would also help with traffic on I-35, in downtown and the UT campus.

Since 801 has Metrorail connection so should the 803. It would also be a shorter walk if someone was transferring to the 803 to the rail.

Iona Precious Jewel about 3 years ago

Please, I understand that it is necessary to keep it from getting too hot as we are all wearing our winter clothes, but I really think it could be a it warmer. I mostly ride the 801, and it is always pretty chilly in here.

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I have heard this happen time and again each time I ride a MetroRapid bus going in either direction before approaching a major station. For example, passengers riding the northbound 801 before reaching Masterson or Chinatown Stations would hear the "transfer" call for routes 275 and 1 - the latter route is not correct. The 1 (just as the former 1M) turns off Lamar heading NB into West Rundberg. Another instance is the 801 (either direction) once again announcing incorrect transfer routes near that intersection at Rundberg Station - naming the 300, 323, 350, and 383 - that are otherwise useful to passengers wanting to transfer to those routes available to the next station south, the N. Lamar Transit Center (also, all but the 323 get no mention as soon the 801 gets there from either direction). The 803 does a good job letting riders know of the 801 along the drag but the same cannot be said for the other when naming its longer counterpart at the same locale. Lastly have the NB 803 announce the 19 as a transfer when nearing West 38th Station (since both those routes parallel there), and the 325 before approaching Ohlen - other than just stating the 3 in both cases. These may sound kinda picky, but the idea is to efficiently have your riders in the know of where exactly to go, and not to confuse - or miss a transfer. Thank you!

Since this stretch of Congress is only one lane there needs to be faster way for the buses. Sometimes it takes 3-5 lights to get between this stretch of the road. Where the bus lane would end the cars should have to yield to the bus. Making this change would help on-time performance for the 801.

A lot of people live in Buda/Kyle but they don't have easy access to bus service, in fact you have to drive all the way to Southpark Meadows to catch a bus. I think extending the 801 to Buda would also help ease traffic congestion on I-35 as well as extend transit options for people in Buda/Kyle.

When I am taking 801, i feel like there is no need to print a ticket just for a single ride ($1.50), this is waste of paper since you don't need it once you are aboard. However only day pass, week pass, and month pass can be purchased through the mobile app. I am tired of collecting quarters just for a single ride. (I always only take bus once in 24 hours.)


I propose that one of a few different things happen with Metro Rapid.

I made a comment about a station not appearing where I live, where there currently is a 101 & 1 L stop available to me and many others.

Parmer Lane & Lamar Blvd

I understand that the 101 & 1L will be removed along N Lamar from Rundberg to Tech Ridge P&R in exchange for the Metro Rapid & 275 N Lamar Feeder route.

However, there are many problems with this setup:

The Metro Rapid does not stop at Parmer Lane or anywhere near it, or in between. While CapMetro states "the stations are spaced half-a-mile apart, you can see that in between Tech Ridge & Chinatown Station/Kramer Lane, there is a 4.3 mile gap between stations, leaving out the Parmer Lane stop and no opportunity for people in between to walk to a station and limiting anyone in between these two stations to the new 11:30PM cut off by the 275 N Lamar Feeder route. This is essentially a really giant downgrade for anyone who is in between these two stations, which is really upsetting when all CapMetro can talk about is what an improvement this will be, and how much faster it will be for everyone-- when it is very solidly going to ADD travel time for anyone in these areas.

This would mean that while buses would run till 1AM through this 4.2 mile strip, there would be no way to get off the bus or board the bus at this time, and people would have to actually spend MORE time getting places by walking miles upon miles, or if applicable at that time, riding a feeder bus to the metro rapid stations or down Lamar in general.

I propose that they add a Metro Rapid stop at Parmer Lane. No fancy station amenities are required to actually board this route, and if they are, these areas have more than enough room to add a metro rapid station as well as provide better accessibility to all. We just want to be able to go to/from the places we always have with the current 1L/101, instead of being left out of the picture completely and left with a 30-minute headway route that only goes to the N Lamar Transit Center. Even a mini-rapid station would be acceptable, with a Ticket Dispenser and a bench, real-time arrival could be available via mobile for people at this stop-- at any rate, we just want to get on the bus!

Alternatively, I propose the Metro Rapid have a schedule where after the 275 N Lamar Feeder route goes out of service at 11:30pm, the bus turns into a Local route after Rundberg Lane, sort of how the 101 does when it got downtown. I think riders would be far more appreciative and be willing to pay a premium fare regardless(although it should revert to a local fare after Rundberg after a certain hour), to be able to actually get home/go places they need to go after 11:30pm while there is still a bus running. Because as it stands, if anyone that lives between kramer & tech ridge stations (a 4.2 mile stretch), they would have to leave downtown at 10:40 the latest, to make it to the N Lamar Transit Center to transfer to the 275 N Lamar Feeder, which really hurts the quality of life of the passengers looking to use the buses for social purposes and recreational reasons, forcing everyone to leave downtown earlier (because night owl routes don't go past Rundberg either). I am certain after 11:30pm that nobody is going to complain about an extra 5-7 minutes spent on a bus that provides service to all customers wishing to go places.

I know of several metro's that allow express buses to go into a on-demand-dropoff mode after certain night hours for passenger security/safety. Metro-rapid could definitely do this and promote it as a passenger safety feature. In the end, this would generate more money from more fares from more passengers, too.

OR-- remove the 275 N Lamar Feeder altogether, and just have the MetroRapid bus go into Local service after Rundberg Lane (the new 1M will take care of everything south of Rundberg) at all times of the day. It's only about a 5.4 mile strip from Rundberg > Tech Rdige which would increase travel time by 5-7 minutes at worst..

I just find it very unfair to remove the 1L from the whole Rundberg > TechRidge strip and the 101 stop from Parmer lane. The 275 will not be adequate, and the MetroRapid driving past these stops every 10 minutes will be just a smack in the face to these people.

The addition of stations or accessibility from current CapMetro stops for areas that are losing significant levels of service due to this change, would be much obliged.

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if there is a overpopulation problem, and entering/exiting of tracks is a serious problem, specially in subways, separated doors for entering/exiting could help, i think!! this could increase safety too!

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