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Right now most of Central Austin and Central East Austin are not served by the Metrorail. If you live in the 51st street area, for example, the closest station is the wrong way from downtown. Car traffic is getting really bad on Airport during rush hour and if some of the commuters in this area could take the rail, we would, which would reduce car traffic. It is silly that some of us live within 500 feet of some (honestly pretty badly designed) train crossings and the train path itself but can't even easily ride the same train to downtown because there are zero stops for the high-density areas between Highland Mall and MLK. It's a useless service for the many residents in these areas.

Dog friendly buses and railways could help improve revenue

There is a decent sized piece of land available next to Govalle Park in East Austin (Airport and Bolm Rd). This is also next to railroad track that, I think, meets up with the current metro rail track. The city should buy the land by Govalle Park and build a metro station that would connect that entire area to the MLK station and downtown destinations. This could be potentially paid for by allowing development of the land around the park and new rail station similar to the current Plaza Saltillo project.

Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

Double Track the Red Line to allow more frequent trains and possibly more hours of operation.

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A piece of land next to the metroline at Burnet and Anderson just came available. It would be the perfect location for a metro stop there to tie in the Wooten/North Shoal Creek neighborhoods as well as the businesses along Anderson and Northcross. http://austin.craigslist.org/off/4866253421.html

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Is there a way to look at the lights & timing at the Crestview stop and intersection? The rail crossing lights turn on at N Lamar & Airport and the intersection is completely stopped for approx 4 minutes BEFORE the train even arrives at the station, then the crossing lights remain on for another minute or so AFTER the train departs Crestview. All in all, it takes about 7 minutes sitting at the light for one train to go by. It leaves a VERY long line of waiting cars at the intersection in all directions when there is no train. If there's a way to look into the timing of the lights and maybe decrease the time the crossing lights stop the intersection at the Crestview Station that would be WONDERFUL!! Thanks!

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Rail is too expensive to provide, period. We are sick of getting the shaft because you spend money on things such as rail that costs too much and does very little.

Have a private corporation that does not take any taxpayer monies run the train.

Another wards, Capital Metro should get out the rail road business.

Unless that is you want Austin, Texas to turn into present day Detroit, Michigan in the next 10-15 years.



The horns from the MetroRail service is very loud and can be noticeably heard within our home almost a mile away. Since the service runs late on Friday and Saturday nights it wakes up our family on a regular basis. A FAQ said that the area can be designated by the Federal government as a noise free zone and quad gates can be installed so the horns do not have to be blown. This needs to be addressed ASAP since more homes and apartments are going up daily in this area.

The Metro Rail must have extended hours so that commuters can actually use the train. Mon-Thurs 4am-12am, Fri 4am-2am, Sat/Sun 7am-2am. Clubs stay open until 4am, yet the train closes at 12am - how is that helpful? People that work hours other than 8-5pm cannot use the train for commuting either. As it is now the train is mostly empty because it doesn't run the hours people need. Look at other cities and you will see they run practically 24/7. That is the only way this project will financially redeem itself.

The Red Line should encourage Park and Ride situations on as many stations as possible, without the need to drive further to park at current Park and Ride locations.

For example, the Crestview Station location should have a Park and Ride garage with dedicated spots to encourage commuters to leave their car and travel via train to downtown or perhaps to the North. A MetroRail Garage should have been included at Crestview with the space available at the location.

Other locations should have at least parking options near the stations that allow it for users to be encouraged to use the Red Line as well.