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Please add a sign for the #18 East to the bus stop (2522) signage) at 311 MLK/San Jacinto. The #18 is on detour and it's supposed to stop there, although the relief drivers especially on the weekend don't know about it. I've read that Capital Metro plans to make this detour into part of the #18's permanent route, so the #18 should stop at this bus stop. It's a long uphill walk with a heavy bag of groceries to the next stop (2768) marked #18. Also, stop 2522 is the best place for people using #18 east to catch the southbound #20, 37,10, & 7 buses.

Self-driving buses are the future and the #350 serves east side neighborhoods. Also, the #350 runs mostly along Airport Blvd, a curved line. I suggest that Cap Metro put the first self-driving buses on the #350 route so east siders can more easily get between east side neighborhoods.

I should be able to buy online a "whatever the number" Day Pass and have 30 days to use it or more. The days should not be consecutive....that would enhance ridership.

Several people have been complaining (not on this site) that Domain Station doesn't have any available transfers. This is an inconvenience, not ONLY for people living/working near the station, but ALSO for additional to-and-fro trips these people need to make.

Anyways, I'll tell the readers HOW it can be implemented. To start, 3 and 383 WON'T turn onto Braker Lane, while 392 instead turns right onto Burnet Road. All three routes follow Burnet Road to the point where they take a left turn onto Palm Way, then take a left onto Alterra Parkway, where they'll make the stop. Then all three routes would turn left onto Esperanza Crossing, take a right onto Burnet Road, turn right onto Braker Lane, and then follow their normal routes.

It would be great if there were a way that individuals could donate and buy bus passes for people who cannot afford them and need them directly through the capital metro website. There could be setup an initiative to let those in need know they could put in requests for bus passes, maybe at Capital Metro's shops or transit centers, and then those requests could be shown online for individuals wanting to donate money and passes.

It's bad enough that last august route 3's frequency went to crap and now this August y'all want to decrease it again (the service change brochure said slight changes but the wait at some points is up to 10 minutes longer). Why are the busiest routes always the most infrequent? Wake up the 3 AND 803 DO NOT FULLY MEET UP WITH EACH OTHER which is pretty plain to see put 3 frequency back to what it was originally.

Currently route 17 runs great during the day Mon-Fri but on weekends and evenings it goes to crap a 15 minute wait during the day can become a more than an hour wait during the evenings. Many people ride the seventeen (as do I from time to time) and people would largely benefit from this being a high frequency route. Routes 21 and 22 do not come very frequently from what i can see and it would benefit many transit users for these routes to become part of the frequent routes network.

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Spend the money. Pure and simple this is a safety issue.

Why are buses allowed to leave earlier from stops than when they're supposed to depart? This doesn't make any sense. Twice now i have missed the 3 bus because it was 5 minutes early. In the afternoon the 3 is supposed to leave Manchaca/Stasseny at 4:25 but twice I've missed it because it's came at 4:20 or 4:21. Why? Please fix this. Passengers should know that when they get to their stop on time that they haven't missed their bus.

Idea: Fix route 3

Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

Before August 2014 route 3's frequency was good after the August 2014 service changes it went to crap. This was due to "complementary" service on 803. There was NO NEED to decrease the frequency as the 3 and 803 DON'T fully meet up with each other. Increase the frequency on this route why should I have to wait longer due to a bus that I can't use (I catch the 3 on Manchaca 803 doesn't run on Manchaca). Frequency on 311 also sucks and it needs to be increased.