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If you could identify those 100+ people that arrive in Austin everyday, you could offer them a Week-Pass for two, encouraging them to explore the transit system while they learn about their new hometown without struggling with their car. Welcome them with a transit gift card. Coordinate with a guide to key Activity Centers they could explore and the use of Google Maps for Transit trip planning and coordination on SmartPhones. Would Google-Austin sponsor this for new residents?

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Provide free day-passes for two people to explore any CapMetro routes they desire. You could give them out at your public workshops as a thank you gesture for people's time and input. Your talks peak interest in our transit system, but maybe a free one day pass for two buddies, friends, or dates to explore together without having to worry about fares would be the thing that gets them out of their cars and on to the bus to try it out. Ideally this would come with a list of 10 Activity Centers like UT, South Congress, or the Domain they might explore without the hassles of parking.

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Susan Pantell over 5 years ago

You should make some fun/funny/music videos to promote transit and educate the public about your services. You could get some businesses to sponsor it and let them run an ad in the beginning or list them at the end as sponsors. You could have a contest where you ask people to submit videos and give a small prize like a transit pass to everyone who submits one and a larger prize to the winner. The businesses could donate gift certificates in exchange for acknowledgement on the video. The following link has some examples, all done by amateurs. The last one is especially good.

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