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Now that all buses are equipped with GPS tracking, estimated arrival times for local buses should also be displayed at MetroRapid stations where they stop, like the two UT stops on Guadalupe and Northcross on Burnet. This would be more convenient for riders and would make the bus system feel more seamless.

For example, I once had a 25-minute wait for a southbound 803 at Northcross, but thankfully there was a 3 coming in 5 minutes. If only the digital sign had told me this.

Will Will over 3 years ago

Capital Metro needs to institute a Fragrance Free policy banning the following for the comfort and safety of the riding public.

To protect the rights of others, and to protect the health and safety of our passengers, the use of strong perfumes, colognes, scented aftershaves, and body sprays are prohibited. Capital Metro retains the right to refuse service to a passenger who violates our fragrance free policy.

Will Capital Metro do this? Or will this require a lawsuit.


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There are a lot of improvements that can be made near the North Lamar Park & Ride. Extend the two lanes of the southbound North Lamar frontage from the traffic light at 183 back to the park & ride exit. This gives vehicles exiting the transit center a dedicated lane rather than having to wait on passing traffic. In fact there can be two exit lanes from the facility, one turning onto this dedicated right-hand lane and the other yielding to traffic for access to the left lane.

Route 101, when it extends to Tech Ridge, need not enter the North Lamar Park & Ride at all, using the underpass on North Lamar to bypass several lights. The southbound bus can stop on the limited access section just after it forks from the frontage road, and the stop northbound would mirror this. All that is needed is a pedestrian signal across each of the four parallel sections of roadway. Wear in the grassy median indicates that this is already the trend, which is not surprising given the lack of pedestrian access on the northern section of the 183 frontage as it crosses North Lamar.

With another stop a third of a mile down, and a single crosswalk there across the southbound frontage just before it merges again, the above can be used for routes 1M and 1L as well. This would skip two traffic signals southbound and a total of seven northbound. As noted elsewhere, shaving just one minute of travel time off this route saves $90K annually.

Also noted elsewhere, the possibilities for the South Transit Center should be obvious. Make improvements to Radam Ln so that buses can access the facility quickly and from either direction.

Buses should be able to access Oak Knoll Dr from Jollyville when exiting the Pavilion Park & Ride. Currently route 983 northbound has to travel back south all the way to Duval Rd before it can head north again, 17 times a day.

Routes that do not stop on McCallen Pass should be able to access Tech Ridge Park & Ride directly from the IH-35 frontage road. All that Capital Metro needs is an extra turning lane for safety.

(In truth TxDoT needs to expand the frontage road on this side of the highway much more. This right-only lane should originate as an extra through lane all the way back at Parmer, still keeping a dedicate turn lane from westbound Parmer. That is, the onramp splits off from four lanes instead of three. The two lanes that continue beyond Center Ridge Dr should not merge. Rather, the right lane should be extended to function as a right-turn only at Howard, where currently the shoulder serves this purpose. TxDoT also needs to consider a U-turn on the northern edge of the Parmer overpass, coming from the southbound frontage and merging directly into the highway northbound.)

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