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Idea: Shuttle's

Vicki Knipp over 1 year ago

There need to be shuttles on weekends running from area of downtown garages to Palmer, Jones and South Congress to relieve the lack of parking there. They need to run until 2am. There need to be more "cross town shuttles" for people who have diffiulty walking

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Vicki Knipp over 1 year ago

We should be able to buy passes online and be able to "recharge the money" in that account like a Starbucks Card.

This idea is about reliability. If a train is supposed to show up at 9:15 a.m., make sure it happens. If a bus is supposed to stop at 11:17 a.m., that's when it should be there. Simple.

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I know it is difficult to police the "no smoking within 15 feet of the stop" policy, but what does it say about Cap Metro when the drivers sit at bus stops in uniform and smoke? If employees ignore the rule, how will there be any change in the riders? The smoke is annoying as are all the cigarette butts on the ground at the stops.

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This is like getting change. If you only have a $20 note, put it in the fare box and get a card valued at $19.

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