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If upper management salaries were cut the opportunity would then arise to add much needed service like service to Buda. Why does this keep being overlooked quit just catering to the rich in Leander and Lago vista. Secondly it would allow you to lower the fares to what they were in 2014. The goal is to try to re leave traffic congestion not create more traffic.

It is grossly appalling that Capital Metro big wigs rake in 6 figure salaries, despite the fact that they are public servants. Take CEO Watson for example who makes over $250,000 a year in which 80% of that comes from the taxpayers. The VP of planning makes over $144,000 a year.

A lot of these folks don't and won't use the services that they are managing.

I strongly suggest a salary cap of $60,000 for all Capital Metro employees that are not bus drivers.

People should make big money working as public servants. Especially when tax payer dollars are subsidizing them.

If they want to make that kind of money, they should work for a private corporation.

Either that, or Capital Metro should return all taxpayer money, and go private, along with opening itself to competition like the Airlines.

Meanwhile they are raising fares left and right claiming they are out of money, but won't cut what is called wants not needs. The big wigs want higher pay, but they don't need higher pay.

Bus service is a need. Huge Executive Salaries are a want.

It's simple economics here.

I'm tired of footing the bill, and American's taxpayers are too.

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How does this MUCH NEEDED project continue to be overlooked?  Are the South Austinites and North Hays Budians not good enough for CapMetro?  We only ask for a 3 mile corridor that will alleviate bottlenecked traffic along Brodie Lane within Shady Hollow. 

Still wishing,


2 Votes Not Planned