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Express route from Howard p&r to ut and cbd

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Route 3 manchaca needs more local service

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Change 201 and 238 into a 301 connecting bluff spings to south park along slaughter and into westgate

Need service along dessau and Howard and 10 could serve this area and connect to techridge

Increase service on route 1 to at least 20 minute head ways all day to meet demand.

Please modify bus Stop ID - 905, Stop Name - 3300 MARTIN LUTHER KING & TILLERY so people in wheelchairs can more easily get on and off the bus at this stop. At this time, people in wheelchairs have a difficult time accessing the bus at this stop, because of the curb. Please rectify the long standing situation.

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Add bus service for seniors living in Wildflower Terrace and Franklin Gardens to better access the HEB in Mueller.


A piece of land next to the metroline at Burnet and Anderson just came available. It would be the perfect location for a metro stop there to tie in the Wooten/North Shoal Creek neighborhoods as well as the businesses along Anderson and Northcross. http://austin.craigslist.org/off/4866253421.html

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Since rail prop 1 failed in November you should consider making a metrorapid route that is similar to the urban rail. This would be a less expensive option and it is still a way to provide rapid transit. This would also help with traffic on I-35, in downtown and the UT campus.

This hasn't been successful in the past, but now (especially with the failure of the urban rail vote, which would have connected several downtown destinations) perhaps it's time again. With the planned significant expansion for metrorail, as well as the new downtown bus only lanes, a circulator might see more success. For instance, a loop from the planned downtown gateway station, up trinity, across on tenth, down Guadalupe, and then back east on 5th. Especially if bus only or bus only during rush hour lanes would be added to those segments currently lacking them.