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Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

It would be easy to extend the 801 south to Buda to increase ridership. Also consider installing an express bus that goes from Buda to downtown as well. Why does Lago Vista have bus service when Buda doesn't? The Buda/Kyle area is growing rapidly and and many people would benefit from these changes.

It just makes sense to have a driver/operator on the Board because who knows Austin and area streets and transit customers better. There are a number of operators who are military veterans with backgrounds in strategic, tactical planning.

Spend the money. Pure and simple this is a safety issue.

Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

Double Track the Red Line to allow more frequent trains and possibly more hours of operation.

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Why are buses allowed to leave earlier from stops than when they're supposed to depart? This doesn't make any sense. Twice now i have missed the 3 bus because it was 5 minutes early. In the afternoon the 3 is supposed to leave Manchaca/Stasseny at 4:25 but twice I've missed it because it's came at 4:20 or 4:21. Why? Please fix this. Passengers should know that when they get to their stop on time that they haven't missed their bus.

Park and ride lots are frequently full. Please develop intentional relationships with businesses along bus lines that would allow for overflow parking. For example, the public library on William Cannon could allow commuters to park there and still access the 801 at Congress and William Cannon. Similarly, the Verbo church on Congress near the St. Edwards stop has a parking lot that is frequently empty during weekday commuting hours. As it stands currently, it seems nearly all businesses along the line have signs saying people who are not "customers" of that particular business will be towed. I talked to a helpful CapMetro customer service rep today and she literally said there's no on street parking options on Congress between William Cannon and Oltorf.

If CapMetro could develop relationships with these community businesses, and add an "overflow parking opportunities" list to the app, it would be able to "expand" their current park and ride options without actually paving new lots.

Over the last five years, this lot has been increasing in popularity. With the addition of the 801 line, it has become nearly impossible to get a parking spot, even when arriving as early as 8:15am. Please expand this lot into the field directly north of the current parking spaces.

Idea: Fix route 3

Jarrod Jarrod over 2 years ago

Before August 2014 route 3's frequency was good after the August 2014 service changes it went to crap. This was due to "complementary" service on 803. There was NO NEED to decrease the frequency as the 3 and 803 DON'T fully meet up with each other. Increase the frequency on this route why should I have to wait longer due to a bus that I can't use (I catch the 3 on Manchaca 803 doesn't run on Manchaca). Frequency on 311 also sucks and it needs to be increased.

Operate all flyer routes all day to increase faster service like rapid routes. People want more options to choose from.

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New crosstown serving 51st between 51st and 183 and northcross area along 51st northloop and hancock