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There aren't any transfer options in Round Rock or Georgetown. Both towns happen to be experiencing traffic that will only grow worse. Therefore, I'm proposing an express route, named 905 or 955, to run through both of these towns. The route would follow 935/985 to Trinity Midblock, to I-35 (exit/entrance 235A) and then get off at exit/entrance 252A and follow McNeil Road, turning right onto Deep Wood Drive and then turning right onto RM 620 back to I-35 and BL-35L (Mays Street). It would follow Mays Street until reaching Old Settlers Boulevard, then it would get back on I-35 (entrance 256, exit 254) and follow it to SH 29 (University Avenue; exit/entrance 261). Following University Avenue east, the route would take a left onto Austin Avenue and then loop between 9th Street, 10th Street, and an existing CARTS park-and-ride.

It would be great if there were a way that individuals could donate and buy bus passes for people who cannot afford them and need them directly through the capital metro website. There could be setup an initiative to let those in need know they could put in requests for bus passes, maybe at Capital Metro's shops or transit centers, and then those requests could be shown online for individuals wanting to donate money and passes.

As a new Austin resident who also happens to be a student, I have found it quite difficult to make my way around downtown Austin to the various college campuses to which I must travel due to the fact that individual bus stops are not announced. Even with such useful apps like Maps and Dadnab, knowing exactly when to press the stop request is not always obvious for me, particularly as someone who is not very skilled in telling directions and who recently lived in a major city where every stop was clearly announced on public transit. I would greatly appreciate it if this auditory service would be implemented on at least the major bus routes in order to benefit those, like me, who are new to the city. Also, I feel that this service is quite essential in order for Capital Metro to adequately comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If upper management salaries were cut the opportunity would then arise to add much needed service like service to Buda. Why does this keep being overlooked quit just catering to the rich in Leander and Lago vista. Secondly it would allow you to lower the fares to what they were in 2014. The goal is to try to re leave traffic congestion not create more traffic.

There are no public transit options are available for workers in West Austin, but there are an ever-growing larger number of office buildings and homes along 360. Traffic along 360 is horrendous during rush hour and only growing worse. There's no chance of reducing the number of cars, since there are no transportation alternatives.

I understand there's some concern about buses stopping on the side of 360, but I think an easy workaround could be done out of using smaller cross-streets or even next to a few shopping centers.

It'd be great to have routes extending along 360 from north-central Austin (Northcross) or downtown, but even a transfer option would be better than nothing.

It's bad enough that last august route 3's frequency went to crap and now this August y'all want to decrease it again (the service change brochure said slight changes but the wait at some points is up to 10 minutes longer). Why are the busiest routes always the most infrequent? Wake up the 3 AND 803 DO NOT FULLY MEET UP WITH EACH OTHER which is pretty plain to see put 3 frequency back to what it was originally.

The ticket validators need to be fixed because when I used the one at the downtown station it took the ticket and didn't give it back and is it too much to ask for reduced passes to be made available at the T.V.M.'s because there are some people who qualify for reduced fare who shouldn't have to pay 7$ for a day pass when they get half off. Also if the ticket validator machines don't work either fix them or get rid of them because fares are sometimes checked on the train and that is redundant.

Peyton Murray over 2 years ago

Add Urban Cable connecting downtown and campus to AUS and other attractions and shopping districts.

Currently route 17 runs great during the day Mon-Fri but on weekends and evenings it goes to crap a 15 minute wait during the day can become a more than an hour wait during the evenings. Many people ride the seventeen (as do I from time to time) and people would largely benefit from this being a high frequency route. Routes 21 and 22 do not come very frequently from what i can see and it would benefit many transit users for these routes to become part of the frequent routes network.

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This gives residents in South Austin and Oak Hill connectivity to the current and future businesses on Southwest Parkway and along Wm. Cannon North of the Oak Hill P&R. This would only be needed for a few of the trips each morning/afternoon at a minimum and would be opposite the 970 route which is only useful for coming from downtown.