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Dog friendly buses and railways could help improve revenue

Idea: Shuttle's

Vicki Knipp almost 2 years ago

There need to be shuttles on weekends running from area of downtown garages to Palmer, Jones and South Congress to relieve the lack of parking there. They need to run until 2am. There need to be more "cross town shuttles" for people who have diffiulty walking

Vicki Knipp almost 2 years ago

We should be able to buy passes online and be able to "recharge the money" in that account like a Starbucks Card.

I should be able to buy online a "whatever the number" Day Pass and have 30 days to use it or more. The days should not be consecutive....that would enhance ridership.

Jarrod Jarrod about 2 years ago

Give people change back when paying for bus fare so people don't have to waist time looking for change. This sometimes holds up the bus this is a small change that could add up along with not charging extra for express service have the local fare work on all services like Sam Antonio. Do yall want risers or not

There is a decent sized piece of land available next to Govalle Park in East Austin (Airport and Bolm Rd). This is also next to railroad track that, I think, meets up with the current metro rail track. The city should buy the land by Govalle Park and build a metro station that would connect that entire area to the MLK station and downtown destinations. This could be potentially paid for by allowing development of the land around the park and new rail station similar to the current Plaza Saltillo project.

Josue Meiners about 2 years ago

There are currently no great East/West connections between the east side and the Highland, Crestview, and Allendale neighborhoods. It would be great if you had a route that went from St. John's east of 35 that continues west and then down Lamar to Justin Ln. It could end up at Justin Ln/Burnett (possibly all the way to Shoal Creek Blvd). This would connect the MetroRail, 801, 803 and the 1 with the 3 (among other routes)

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Would like bus service on Friday and Saturday evening leaving from and returning to Oak Hill.

This would prompt my wife and I to spend more time/money downtown on the weekend instead of staying at home.

Several people have been complaining (not on this site) that Domain Station doesn't have any available transfers. This is an inconvenience, not ONLY for people living/working near the station, but ALSO for additional to-and-fro trips these people need to make.

Anyways, I'll tell the readers HOW it can be implemented. To start, 3 and 383 WON'T turn onto Braker Lane, while 392 instead turns right onto Burnet Road. All three routes follow Burnet Road to the point where they take a left turn onto Palm Way, then take a left onto Alterra Parkway, where they'll make the stop. Then all three routes would turn left onto Esperanza Crossing, take a right onto Burnet Road, turn right onto Braker Lane, and then follow their normal routes.