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Hane Amlen at December 14, 2017 at 3:41am PST

Nowadays I am seeing many more website there is an option for customer reviews but some people are using this option very wrong they are giving fake reviews. How I can control this fake reviews, I have a website HND Assignments for this website I want to stop this fake review option someone helps me to resolve this problem.

Lin Kru at December 13, 2017 at 5:02am PST

Spammers are leaving tons of spam replies to ideas and Capita Metro is not removing the spam, which makes me wonder if Cap Metro even reads the comments and ideas posted here. Am I wasting my time by posting here.

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Please add a sign for the #18 East to the bus stop (2522) signage) at 311 MLK/San Jacinto. The #18 is on detour and it's supposed to stop there, although the relief drivers especially on the weekend don't know about it. I've read that Capital Metro plans to make this detour into part of the #18's permanent route, so the #18 should stop at this bus stop. It's a long uphill walk with a heavy bag of groceries to the next stop (2768) marked #18. Also, stop 2522 is the best place for people using #18 east to catch the southbound #20, 37,10, & 7 buses.

Right now most of Central Austin and Central East Austin are not served by the Metrorail. If you live in the 51st street area, for example, the closest station is the wrong way from downtown. Car traffic is getting really bad on Airport during rush hour and if some of the commuters in this area could take the rail, we would, which would reduce car traffic. It is silly that some of us live within 500 feet of some (honestly pretty badly designed) train crossings and the train path itself but can't even easily ride the same train to downtown because there are zero stops for the high-density areas between Highland Mall and MLK. It's a useless service for the many residents in these areas.

Self-driving buses are the future and the #350 serves east side neighborhoods. Also, the #350 runs mostly along Airport Blvd, a curved line. I suggest that Cap Metro put the first self-driving buses on the #350 route so east siders can more easily get between east side neighborhoods.

run a route from acc in oak hill up 1826 to slaughter then down slaughter to ih35 so connections to 238, 3, 10, 201 , & 801 would be possible & would correct the issue with acc in oak hill

Now that all buses are equipped with GPS tracking, estimated arrival times for local buses should also be displayed at MetroRapid stations where they stop, like the two UT stops on Guadalupe and Northcross on Burnet. This would be more convenient for riders and would make the bus system feel more seamless.

For example, I once had a 25-minute wait for a southbound 803 at Northcross, but thankfully there was a 3 coming in 5 minutes. If only the digital sign had told me this.

Make stored value cards re loadable so you don't have to buy a new card every time which would save time.

Ed Menard over 1 year ago

The 111 commuter serves SW Austin, but only runs a couple of trips for commuters. Since the stops are all in place, this route could be used to provide evening service for residents to travel downtown for dinner/shows etc.

SW Austin is VERY underserved by Cap Metro. The #333 is cross town only. Getting from the Slaughter/Escarpment area to downtown is a minimum on 60-90 mins on Cap Metro.

803 SB during rush hour essentially runs at same speed as 3 SB, which defeats the purpose of using the Rapid. I commute from Crossroads Station to Brodie Oaks Station. The route really bottlenecks at Cesar Chavez between downtown and the southbound turn on to Lamar, especially at BR Reynolds. I think it would be a great idea to re-route during rush hour, to follow the 801 SB route down S. First to Barton Springs. And take Barton Springs westbound to Lamar. The only stop that will be affected is the makeshift stop at Guadalupe/2nd St. My guess is this would shave 15-20 minutes off the route time during those peak hours in the afternoon.