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The West Anderson Lane corridor has boomed with new development especially with the renovation of the Northcross Mall. The area has many local businesses and a variety of neighborhoods, lots of mixed-use areas and lots of pedestrians.

A Metrorail station on W. Anderson Lane or Ohlen Road off of Burnet Road, would be used by citizens in the area. This is a perfect spot for a station and the area is already developed unlike the Metrorail station at  Highland.

There are many people who are ready and waiting to use this service. Thanks!

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Screw urban rail, light rail and regional rail. Way too costly. Think future, think COST EFFECTIVE, think Monorail... But of course you would not get your huge government subsidies but you could operate more efficiently.

For more info... https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Austin_Monorail/info

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If you aren't going to provide wireless service on Metrorail that actually works, then eliminate it altogether. I tried for 30 minutes this morning just to get past the initial login screen without success.

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The Metro Rail must have extended hours so that commuters can actually use the train. Mon-Thurs 4am-12am, Fri 4am-2am, Sat/Sun 7am-2am. Clubs stay open until 4am, yet the train closes at 12am - how is that helpful? People that work hours other than 8-5pm cannot use the train for commuting either. As it is now the train is mostly empty because it doesn't run the hours people need. Look at other cities and you will see they run practically 24/7. That is the only way this project will financially redeem itself.

The proposed August changes include elimination of the loop that serves Robert E. Lee on Route 30. The stated reason is low ridership, however the mornings and evenings do have a significant amount of riders. Keeping service to this neighborhood during morning and evening commute times would allow Capmetro to continue to serve riders while eliminating unnnecessary trips. Completely eliminating service inconveniences this neighborhood and encourages individual car use.

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Ebinrock x over 3 years ago

I've already emailed Cap Metro customer service about this and even Mike Martinez, but I thought I'd try to get additional support here. There needs to be a public restroom at each of the stations/park & rides. Often, even when I "empty out" at work right before getting on the bus (downtown Austin), I still tend to get the urge to go by the time I get to Lakeline Station. I live in Leander, and used to park at the Leander Station. The lack of bathrooms has forced me to start parking at Lakeline instead, making my car commute each way 7 miles instead of 4, thus reducing the effectiveness of public transit since I'm putting out more carbon footprint. (In other words, I park at Lakeline so I can get in my car to quickly drive to a nearby department store, etc. to relieve myself rather than having to painfully walk to even the nearest apartment complex, where I feel like an intruder.) There's one bathroom at Lakeline, but it's for the employees, not for the public (it's locked by electronic card reader). What gives? Why do the employees get a restroom (which I hardly ever see used) and not the paying public? Is Cap Metro that afraid that we Express and Rail commuters (pretty much all students and professionals, from what I've seen) "riff raff", that we might vandalize a bathroom or something?

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Please modify bus Stop ID - 905, Stop Name - 3300 MARTIN LUTHER KING & TILLERY so people in wheelchairs can more easily get on and off the bus at this stop. At this time, people in wheelchairs have a difficult time accessing the bus at this stop, because of the curb. Please rectify the long standing situation.

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When people exit off the front of the bus it can create a logjam and waste time. Having an automatic recording to exit at the back door (similar to the one telling people not to cross en frente del autobus), as well as maybe painting arrows on the floor directing people to the back, would save time and maybe increase frequency, if done system-wide. A small change that could add up!

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A piece of land next to the metroline at Burnet and Anderson just came available. It would be the perfect location for a metro stop there to tie in the Wooten/North Shoal Creek neighborhoods as well as the businesses along Anderson and Northcross. http://austin.craigslist.org/off/4866253421.html

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CapMetro sucks on all levels as of now.  I don't know who is in charge but most likely some educated person who is out of touch with poverty and public transportation.  How is it that it takes and an hour and a half  to get to a place by bus that is only ten minutes away by vehicle?  I wait over a half hour for buses that should run every 15 minutes on weekdays and 25 on weekends.  Do you not realize capmetro that this is bustling city and you swindle people to dump the pump to catch one of your crappy bus systems.  Capmetro was once revered in Austin.  Now its a slug of slow service, unecessary conjoined bus routes, and you don't even run pass 10 pm on Sundays.  You think people stop moving about the city by 10pm? Think again.  How about you run your service 24 hours like self proclaimed "major cities" and follow suit?

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