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The West Anderson Lane corridor has boomed with new development especially with the renovation of the Northcross Mall. The area has many local businesses and a variety of neighborhoods, lots of mixed-use areas and lots of pedestrians.

A Metrorail station on W. Anderson Lane or Ohlen Road off of Burnet Road, would be used by citizens in the area. This is a perfect spot for a station and the area is already developed unlike the Metrorail station at  Highland.

There are many people who are ready and waiting to use this service. Thanks!

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No more waiting in the sun, no more waiting in the heat. No more waiting.

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QR codes for every stop and look into creating a smartphone app that allows you to store the bus ids or at least the buses your desired routes so you can see where a bus is before you leave for the stop.  Similar to Car2Go's online car finder.

Screw urban rail, light rail and regional rail. Way too costly. Think future, think COST EFFECTIVE, think Monorail... But of course you would not get your huge government subsidies but you could operate more efficiently.

For more info... https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Austin_Monorail/info

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Cyndee x over 4 years ago

It would be so great to have a mobile app for your phone instead of having to stand in line to purchase a bus pass or pay $2 for it to be mailed to you. Maybe this would increase the frequency of ontime busses so folks dont have to stand around and feed their change to the meter and make us late. The fare increase requiring change will only make the travel longer and in 2015 the regional card will g up by 30% I dont know about you--but the cost of living increase and hourly wage is not increasing by 30%. The consultant is obviously not a full time bus rider!!!

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Derek Jones almost 6 years ago

If you aren't going to provide wireless service on Metrorail that actually works, then eliminate it altogether. I tried for 30 minutes this morning just to get past the initial login screen without success.

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Please add a sign for the #18 East to the bus stop (2522) signage) at 311 MLK/San Jacinto. The #18 is on detour and it's supposed to stop there, although the relief drivers especially on the weekend don't know about it. I've read that Capital Metro plans to make this detour into part of the #18's permanent route, so the #18 should stop at this bus stop. It's a long uphill walk with a heavy bag of groceries to the next stop (2768) marked #18. Also, stop 2522 is the best place for people using #18 east to catch the southbound #20, 37,10, & 7 buses.

As a new Austin resident who also happens to be a student, I have found it quite difficult to make my way around downtown Austin to the various college campuses to which I must travel due to the fact that individual bus stops are not announced. Even with such useful apps like Maps and Dadnab, knowing exactly when to press the stop request is not always obvious for me, particularly as someone who is not very skilled in telling directions and who recently lived in a major city where every stop was clearly announced on public transit. I would greatly appreciate it if this auditory service would be implemented on at least the major bus routes in order to benefit those, like me, who are new to the city. Also, I feel that this service is quite essential in order for Capital Metro to adequately comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

When people exit off the front of the bus it can create a logjam and waste time. Having an automatic recording to exit at the back door (similar to the one telling people not to cross en frente del autobus), as well as maybe painting arrows on the floor directing people to the back, would save time and maybe increase frequency, if done system-wide. A small change that could add up!

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Please modify bus Stop ID - 905, Stop Name - 3300 MARTIN LUTHER KING & TILLERY so people in wheelchairs can more easily get on and off the bus at this stop. At this time, people in wheelchairs have a difficult time accessing the bus at this stop, because of the curb. Please rectify the long standing situation.

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