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It's great that Austin is putting things in place to allow citizens to use public transit rather than to crowd our busy streets. I'm not sure, however, why there aren't more bike lines in place to make the use of public transit simpler. Consider adding bike lanes to Lakeline Blvd., Avery Ranch Blvd., the currently-being-constructed extension of Staked Plains Drive (a direct link from the Avery Ranch neighborhood to the Rail Stop), etc. and turn the Parmer Lane shoulder into an official bike lane. If this isn't done, you really have only implemented a fraction of a good public transit plan and won't see the use of Lakeline Station that you could see. Once commuters are in their cars, they're less likely to stop and park to change their mode of transportation. If they can safely ride their bikes, they'd be more likely to take the metro.  

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Derek Jones almost 6 years ago

If you aren't going to provide wireless service on Metrorail that actually works, then eliminate it altogether. I tried for 30 minutes this morning just to get past the initial login screen without success.

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I didn't visit your site to give input, I came here to find times. I should have the option of whether or not I want to give my input and this automatic redirection to this "icanmakeitbetter" is not very smart. As I see that the things capital metro does aren't very smart. if I was in a rush I'd be very upset.

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Megan x about 6 years ago

The train is a great way to get to and from downtown safely for evenings out.  Nighttime use of the train during events such as ACL was extremely popular.  Many people could benefit from the train as their designated driver, alleviate parking and traffic downtown, and provide a safe and affordable way travel on the weekends.  Austin is a large, desirable city and should have the regular, frequent public transportation services available in other destination cities around the US and the world.

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QR codes for every stop and look into creating a smartphone app that allows you to store the bus ids or at least the buses your desired routes so you can see where a bus is before you leave for the stop.  Similar to Car2Go's online car finder.

Secure bike parking (cages/shells/lockers) allows transit centers to be part of a commuter's trip plan

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Idea: Route 466

Scott Dubble about 6 years ago

Currently, the 10:12 departure of Route 466 from Kramer station is timed so Red Line passengers will watch the bus pull away as they are getting off the train and have a 32 minute wait for the next run.  There is no reason for this.  The bus sits for only 8 minutes prior to this run, but sits for 12 minutes at the end.  Setting the 466 Kramer station departure time two minutes later at 10:14 would make this run work for ACC and Pickle Center riders and allow equal 10 minute breaks between runs.  As it is, it is not only wasteful, it's incredibly frustrating.   This has been brought to route managers' attention multiple times.  Please fix this now.  Currently, this bus departure usually leaves empty, stranding passengers.  Fixing the time would improve ridership for this departure, and possibly the Red Line departure.

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