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Why not eliminate the stop at 24th and Guadalupe by campus.  Even though this is the stop I frequent, it is apparent that the mulitude of stops between 22nd and Dean Keeton increase congestion.  There are 3 stops in  about 5 blocks, so the middle one could be eliminated to smooth traffic and increase the speed of the transit services.

The last service change left the following stop with no stops for Route 22 (Chicon KTR.Clock).

2531 LAKE AUSTIN & DUMAS (Stop #4162)

This stop is important for many UT students living at UT Apartments and other residents on Lake Austin between Mopac and Exposition. The UT shuttle stops here. So does Route 21 on the other direction. However Route 22 stopped halting at this stop and the drivers do not have an explanation why this happened. 

Please bring back this stop for route 22. This serves as an important connection to downtown as well as from Dean Keaton / Exposition to Lake Austin. It becomes all the more important when UT shuttles are not in service. 

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Some Discussions not listed as closed can only be viewed and not joined.  Why is this?  I would like to comment on proposed changes but cannot find how to do so.  Are there instructions on how to use the online forums somewhere?

Iona x over 5 years ago

Am I the only one who has trouble seeing extended comments, or frequently encounters broken links? I have tried viewing this site on Firefox and on Internet Explorer and I still have the problem that longer comments get cut off or run into each other and make a garbled mess.It is also pretty difficult to read comment threads when longer comments only show when the mouse is hovering over them.
I get a broken link message any time I try to link to a new activity item in my activity log.
To have noticed this it must seem like I'm some kind of loser who trolls web forums all day but really I don't have facebook or twitter or anything I just ride the bus a lot and care about what happens with CapMetro.

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The surrounding neighborhoods of the Rosewood Avenue MetroRail crossing are still waiting for the promised quiet zone infrastructure to be completed, as promised by the CapMetro Board of Directors and approved by City Council in April of 2012.  The deadline for this quiet zone was promised by August 2012.

We have seen no activity as of yet at the crossing for the promised changes to be made to the gates and/or raised median.  The neighborhoods spoke to the Board of Directors of CapMetro in April of 2012 and requested the quiet zone be implemented.  At that very same meeting, that quiet zone was approved by MetroRail before the board.  The very next day, before City Council, at City Hall, the same request was made for the funding by CapMetro/MetroRail, and City Council approved the funding for same.

We do not want to wait any longer than six months, which is what MetroRail stated it would take to implement the gates.  August 2012 is the deadline.  We are very weary of hearing the loud horns, it now has been worsened by the extended hours into the late night.


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Idea: GPS

Teresa Tensen over 5 years ago

Gps in the bus systems. Portland, Oregon has this in their buslines making it more efficient for riders to know if the bus will be later/early by accessing the location on their mobile app.

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What ever happened to the rails with trails idea. This seems like an incredibly affordable way to improve traffic. lets do this.  http://www.capmetro.org/docs/tod/RWT-Study.pdf

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Westgate Blvd was recently extended to reach Slaughter Lane, however the 338 bus route currently stops where the road previously ended at Westgate and Cameron Loop.  338 should extend all the way to Slaughter Lane to take advantage of the newly completed Westgate Lane.

Capital Metro planner James Gamez stated that this change would occur, but didn't elude to when:
"Capital Metro will also benefit from the project by using the road to fill a transportation gap for bus route 338, a service change it plans to propose at an unset date in the future. The new route would decrease walking distance from the bus stop serving Manchaca Road and Slaughter Lane, according to Capital Metro planner James Gamez." 
-Community Impact Newspaper, September 24th 2010

Dan Keshet almost 6 years ago

According to statistics posted by Capital Metro's ideas coordinator on this facebook post*, 18% of site ideas have completed review (planned, not planned, in progress, implemented), and an additional 14% are currently under review. 66% of ideas are languishing as "acknowledged." (Additionally, I'd note that many of the ones that have completed review are proposals that turned out to already be in the works.)

The goal, as per that facebook post, is to review every single idea. But unless the number of new ideas languishes, that is clearly an unrealistic goal. So I propose:

1) Each month, select the top 2 highest-voted ideas for review by Capital Metro staff. This number can be adjusted if capacity is smaller or larger.

2) After an idea has failed to be selected for review in 3 straight months, move it from "acknowledged" state to "archived" state. This will give new ideas a greater chance of being selected for review, and give less of a sense of ideas simply languishing forever.

3) Make putting an idea under review more of an event. Pick the same day each month to select the 2 ideas to review, make an announcement, have a link along the left-hand side to "latest ideas under review". Just do something to let people know that ideas actually do get reviewed off of here.

I'm not saying this is the be-all, end-all of ideas to improve this site. But the site feels pretty dead, it sets unrealistic expectations, and I'd love to see something shaken up a little bit to give it more of a live, community feel.

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How about picking a different redirect for the capmetro.com URL? This ideas page is a great idea, and I was happy to find it initially, but it's really annoying to come to this page accidentally on a daily basis when what I really want is the bus schedule and accidentally type in www.capmetro.com rather than .org.

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