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Is there a way to look at the lights & timing at the Crestview stop and intersection? The rail crossing lights turn on at N Lamar & Airport and the intersection is completely stopped for approx 4 minutes BEFORE the train even arrives at the station, then the crossing lights remain on for another minute or so AFTER the train departs Crestview. All in all, it takes about 7 minutes sitting at the light for one train to go by. It leaves a VERY long line of waiting cars at the intersection in all directions when there is no train. If there's a way to look into the timing of the lights and maybe decrease the time the crossing lights stop the intersection at the Crestview Station that would be WONDERFUL!! Thanks!

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Lin Kru almost 4 years ago

The front seats are supposed to be reserved for the physically handicapped and elderly, but too often I see younger people without physical impairments occupying them and oblivious to the elderly or anyone with a physical impairment who boards. I have had to ask a younger person sitting in the reserved front seating to give up his/her seat for an elderly person who was standing.

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I frequently ride the bus, and it is rare to see young families. I think that I know why. One day, I saw a young woman with an infant and stroller trying to get on the bus. The bus driver did not kneel the bus for her to get her stroller on, despite the fact that she was carrying her infant. Instead, the driver lectured her on not collapsing her heavily laden stroller. Other passengers and I helped the woman with her stroller to board and secure a seat. Speaking of seating, I think that they should be included in the reserved seating in front along with the physically disabled and elderly.

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No more waiting in the sun, no more waiting in the heat. No more waiting.

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Ahad S about 4 years ago
Buses here(at least the ones i ridden and seen) seem to run on a diesel engine, which is noisy and more pollutive  then regular car engines. Using Natural Gas will make buses a little cheaper to ride and make a more pleasant ride. Also consider using B20 or other alternitive fuel choices.

East,North Round Rock and North Pflugerville mainly,because they are poorly connected by Transit. From where I live the Park 'n' Rides don't help much, because the nearest Park 'n' Ride in the Howard Station,which takes 12 min by toll and 20 min without. The proposed MoKan Corridor has too few stops,so express buses will expand flexibility between stops and stop the concerns about property loss.

Cyndee x over 4 years ago

It would be so great to have a mobile app for your phone instead of having to stand in line to purchase a bus pass or pay $2 for it to be mailed to you. Maybe this would increase the frequency of ontime busses so folks dont have to stand around and feed their change to the meter and make us late. The fare increase requiring change will only make the travel longer and in 2015 the regional card will g up by 30% I dont know about you--but the cost of living increase and hourly wage is not increasing by 30%. The consultant is obviously not a full time bus rider!!!

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Put the public notice in all the buses and on the major stops so that riders can know about the changes before they take effect and to be able to have a say. If the only way that the Cap Metro is going to advertise these public hearing is through there website. This is not very public,because the marority of riders either doing have a computer or access to a computer. This tells me that Cap Metro doesn't want the riders to know what is going on.

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Smartphone adoption has been explosive and is accelerating. Most Austin cell phone users have this functionality now, and nearly all of the rest will be adopting it over the next few years. Any smartphone user at a CapMetro bus stop should be able to purchase a fare or pass, display a ticket (probably via a bar code), and know very precisely when the next available bus will arrive at any stop. MBTA (Boston) now has this capability, and it is commonly implemented in European transit systems. This would give CapMetro a much better idea about how people actually use its services, and could also provide it foundational data that it could leverage in synergistic marketing initiatives with local businesses. Would riders value discounts from businesses near their stops more than those from competitors far from them? Could businesses build customer loyalty by offering free or discounted fares with specific purchases? I'm betting the answer to both questions would be a slam-dunk yes.

Dottie x over 4 years ago

Enable people at bus stops to get current information about where the bus is and when it will arrive (not when it's scheduled to arrive). I take the 1L/1M frequently, and it's anybody's guess when the bus will arrive. Often, two of them arrive together--meaning one of them is completely off schedule. GPS-based locators with data accessible to riders via smartphones or the GO line needed would help a lot.

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