David Pettit almost 6 years ago

At the beginning of the semester, the 3 line was re-routed away from ACC Rio Grande.  This move, bluntly, screwed over a bunch of students, since this is the only line that runs right next to the school, now there's a covered CapMetro bench just sitting there, useless.

I've talked to students, bus drivers, regular bus-going people... and virtually everyone I talked to thinks it's a bad, bad idea, and that it isn't serving the people in the way it should.


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Marcus Denton almost 6 years ago

I disagree, and I say that as someone who went to ACC last semester. It's only a 3 block walk to Guadalupe and the southbound bus lines or a 4 block walk to Lavaca and the northbound lines. The benefit of moving the 3 there is that you increase the frequency of buses on the trunk line. ACC Rio Grande students have to walk a little further, but many of them will wait less to catch a bus that runs near there. For everyone else, wait times also go down, and the route length is shortened.

David Villa almost 6 years ago

Some change to route 3 was due. A north/south alignment along Rio Grande isn't ideal because its terminous on 4th Street means the route has to divert somewhere and can't be terribly straight, and because of the difficulty of passing through West Campus. I would like to see two or three things happen before a (likely different) bus is placed on this corridor. First, either LoneStar should commit to a rail station in the vicinity of 3rd Street and West Ave, or Capital Metro should extend light rail all the way along 4th Street, with at minimum pedestrian access across Shoal Creek connecting the two sites. On the north end, Rio Grande should be bidirectional, as it is the longest stretch of straight roadway passing through West Campus. But that's planning several years forward.

I think Capital Metro intended route 18, altered in a service change last year, to connect the UT campus with ACC Rio Grande. Certainly there could be other routes in that area. Route 2 and route 6 (if the latter is not eliminated per my previous proposal) could easily extend along 12th Street to Lamar, with the benefit of connections to route 338. In fact, even route 3 and, when it arrives, MetroRapid 803 can break away from Guadalupe/Lavaca in this area and cut back to Lamar. In my view, there was sufficient reason to alter the section of the route passing by UT, but Capital Metro places too many buses on the same downtown corridor. It's not necessary for routes 3 and 803 to travel Congress, or even Guadalupe/Lavaca when that plan goes into place. Already traveling over the bridge from South Lamar, why not continue on North Lamar as far as, say, 12th Street?

Pudding x over 5 years ago

Marcus, you talk about students will have to walk a little further-thats wonderful, especially for all of the visually impaired students who go to RGC. The move of the three from the ACC campus proves that CapMetro is not really about servicing the people who need it.

The 18 has a lower service frequency.


Robin x over 5 years ago

It's fine where it is. It services the 'main' streets of this city which are highly traveled. And what about the visually impaired workers who worked downtown Austin?

Nobody 'has' to be a student in community college.

David Wright about 5 years ago

I know why this change was made in the first place....because UT has more money to give to cap metro and THEY wanted it so UT students could have an easier way to get to UT....

That was the actual verbage used "to make it easier for ut students to get to UT", so let me count the options they already have/had at the time.

3 (covered most of UT's property already)
plus all the express buses AND they have their very own shuttle. why again did they need to put the #3 on guadalupe only to make it easier for ut students? like I said, to because UT had more money to give to cap metro and in this world he who has the most green rules the world. I am more than capable of walking the 3-4 blocks, that's not what bothers me (personally I don't like that failed excuse of a college campus anyways), what bothers me is the large amount of ada passengers who go there and use the #3 and not only have to walk (or roll) further, but they get some fo the crappiest sidewalks in austin, and some crazy as hell hills. lets see you non dissabled ut students who needed the #3 soooo bad rolls up one of those hills on a wheel chair over uneven sidewalks, it's not easy and i'm pretty sure service dogs can;t really help you spot the uneven sidewalks that trip you.

it only took the #3 MAYBE 5 minutes longer to do the rio grande route and it served much better use.

Will Blank over 4 years ago

More than 5 minutes at night. That traffic light was red for 3 minutes on E 12th and Rio Grande.