East,North Round Rock and North Pflugerville mainly,because they are poorly connected by Transit. From where I live the Park 'n' Rides don't help much, because the nearest Park 'n' Ride in the Howard Station,which takes 12 min by toll and 20 min without. The proposed MoKan Corridor has too few stops,so express buses will expand flexibility between stops and stop the concerns about property loss.

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Will Blank about 4 years ago

They only care about TRAINS. I will see pigs fly (sorry, Maxwell doesn't count) the day I will see any bus service of any kind in those areas you mentioned. By the way, ask CEO Watson about her $20,000 pay raise covered by the fare increase.

New theme song for Capital Metro: Cars by Gary Newman. The good news is that the midterm elections are coming, and I get to ask the politicians if they support cutting wasteful spending on Tinkerbell trolleys, and Urban rail debacles!

Robin x over 3 years ago

I think that increased transit farther noth--as in transit EVERYBODY can afford is a GREAT idea. Increasing local transit routes will improve employment options, housing....etc choices. You won't have everybody fighting over access to the same area. Prices will become reasonable.