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Capital Metro is seeking public feedback on proposed changes to the transit system that, if approved, would take effect January 15, 2012. Customer input helps Capital Metro fine-tune the proposal and ultimately improve service.

    Idea: fleetmatics

    Zephyn Adams almost 6 years ago

    There is a company called fleetmatics which offers a gps trcking system for things like buses and cabs, so people can use an app to see exactly where the next bus is, allowing them to tell if they have just missed or are about to catch a bus. It would also require the installation of gps devices in the buses, but they are getting cheaper and cheaper all the time, if the cost would be too high. Even if outfitting every bus would cost too much, you could start with only the most used routes, like the 1l and 1m, 101, 3, and maybe some others. This is a much more useful alternative to the whole schedule system (though that would need to be in place still as well for those without smart phones), and now that the technology exists, it makes no sense not to make use of it, in my opinion. You wouldn't have to develop your own app for it, fleetmatics has one already. It would be a similar arrangement to what you have with dadnab, except that it would work better.

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    Route 990 was realigned in January 2011 to better serve major employers along Koenig and North Lamar. In partnership with the Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS), the route was extended to Elgin. Morning and afternoon trips were also added. Capital Metro is currently constructing a new Park & Ride in Downtown Manor, which will replace the current leased Park & Ride. The new facility will offer more capacity and is situated along the conceptual Green Line rail right-of-way. The 990 will be realigned to serve the new and improved facility, which is slated to be completed later this year.

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    Route 243 was shortened in January 2011 due to low ridership north of Wells Branch, which allowed an improvement in frequency along Wells Branch. The proposed change for January 2012 seeks to realign the route from Thermal and Howard Lane to East Wells Branch Parkway and Heatherwilde improve connectivity to shopping, which has been repeatedly requested by customers. The current schedule has enough flexibility to absorb this service extension without additional resources.

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    Route 100 has not performed well in terms of ridership productivity but it provides an important link to Austin Bergstrom International Airport. In recent years, Capital Metro cut several low-performing routes; Route 100 now sits near the bottom of the list and is failing to meet minimum ridership standards. Proposed changes to Route 100 focus on efficiency, directness, and simplicity. Realigning the route from 7th Street to a dense, high-ridership corridor like Riverside would draw riders seeking a faster trip to downtown. Shortening the route within UT would reduce (bus) running time. The northern terminus for Route 100 would be located along 23rd Street, the eastern hub for UT Shuttles. Streamlining the route within the downtown area would speed up service and make the route easier to understand. Stops would be located within ¼ mile of most hotels and attractions (Convention Center, Capitol, museums, etc.). Connectivity with MetroRail would also be improved by stopping at Downtown Station. In addition to the routing and stop changes, the biggest improvement for this route and its riders includes increasing the frequency to 30 minutes from 40 minutes.

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    Route 240 has been tweaked a few times over the past year in terms of routing and schedule. The January 2011 service change included adjustments to several North Austin routes. Weekend service was added to Route 240 and service was realigned from Parkfield to a high-density corridor in Rutland (previously served by Route 1M). The proposed change for January 2012 seeks to realign the route from Parkfield, Payton Gin, Ohlen and Research Blvd to North Lamar to improve connectivity to shopping in the Lamar/Rundberg area, aka the International District.

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