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Capital Metro is seeking public feedback on several proposed changes to our service to improve transit access, efficiency and reliability. The changes follow our Service Guidelines & Standards. These proposed changes will go before the Capital Metro board of directors on March 25. If approved, these changes will take effect on Sunday, June 9, 2013.

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Topic: East Austin

6 East 12th and 323 Anderson The proposed changes would link Route 6 East 12th and 323 Anderson. This would improve trip directness, reduce transfers, and customers would be able to access downtown, HEB and Walmart without transferring. Route 323 frequency would be improved during midday on weekdays and throughout the weekend. It would no longer serve the Craigwood neighborhood. Route 6 schedule would be slightly adjusted, and it would no longer stop along Eleanor, Hudson or Techni Center.

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Matt Matt over 2 years ago

What exactly is meant by "linked" routes? Would the same physical bus traverse all the way from Northcross to downtown (and back), just changing numbers part way?

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