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We need your feedback on the Draft Plan (Locally Preferred Alternative) for the North Corridor!

Since 2012, the North Corridor team has analyzed incredible amounts of data and collected extensive public input to develop a comprehensive high-capacity transit plan. Let us know what you think about this vision for the future of transportation in the North Corridor!

More information on the North Corridor study is available at:

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We're making a plan to improve mobility in the North Corridor. Watch the video and get involved.



What challenges did we tackle during the North Corridor study? Watch this brief video to learn about regional challenges we set out to address through this planning process, and then let us know what you think.

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How did we come up with the draft plan for the North Corridor? Watch this brief video to learn about the process and how input from you and your neighbors helped shape the draft North Corridor Plan. Then, give us feedback on the process.

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Download a larger map here:

The North Corridor Draft Plan (Locally Preferred Alternative):

  • Provides direct and frequent service between Central Austin’s and communities in the North Corridor

  • Links activity centers in the North Corridor with Connect and MetroRapid service

  • Serves both traditional and new target transit markets

  • Maximizes planned future and vacant land use opportunities

  • Offers a scalable and expandable transit network

Here’s how the plan works:

  • Utilizing Capital Metro’s express and connect bus services to provide transit options within the Corridor, like Round Rock’s University Boulevard Center to Cedar Park and Round Rock’s established Park & Ride center to Hutto, and linking the centers from Georgetown to central Austin

  • Constructing new Park & Ride facilities in strategic locations like Pflugerville, Round Rock and Hutto

  • Extending Capital Metro’s premium MetroRapid service from Tech Ridge to Pflugerville and from The Domain to Round Rock and Georgetown

  • Developing new express routes from Georgetown and Round Rock to leverage investments in the new express lanes along MoPac Using the MoKan Corridor as a dedicated busway with limited stops from Pflugerville to downtown Austin

  • Upgrading and double-tracking the existing Capital Metro MetroRail Red Line

  • Moving forward with Lone Star Rail District’s plans for commuter rail from Georgetown through Austin to San Antonio

What do you think about the Plan? Do you see yourself using this system?

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