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Capital Metro is proposes changes to the RideShare fare structure, to reflect the distance traveled by each group, to encourage participation in the program, and to incentivize larger vanpool groups. Capital Metro invites your feedback on the fare restructure proposal. For more details, please visit

If approved, the proposed changes would take effect in February 2014. The Capital Metro board of directors will review the proposal at its November 13 meeting.

How might these proposed changes impact you?


A new cost structure would replace the current fare of $60 per rider, per month. The new structure would be based on a total vehicle cost of $750. Capital Metro would contribute a sum of $600 per group in 2014 toward the total vehicle cost. (This would change to $500 in 2015, in accordance with the system wide fare change.) The resulting difference would then be covered by the individual RideShare group. In addition, RideShare members would be responsible for vehicle fuel costs. Currently, Capital Metro covers all fuel cost. This cost would have to be calculated into each group's per vehicle cost to determine per person fare.


$750 cost of vehicle

- $600 covered by Capital Metro

= $150 per vehicle remaining balance to be covered by RideShare group (+ Fuel cost)

Out of pocket cost for each vanpool member would be determined by each group. The more members, the less cost per person.

Each RideShare group would be allowed to determine cost-sharing arrangements. This would include determining if the primary driver pays a fare, or not. Per person fares decrease as riders are added to each group.

The out of service traveling fee of $0.71 per mile would be replaced with a flat fee of $50 per month if origin or destination is out of the service area. This change allows Capital Metro to expand the RideShare program regionally, better serving commuters who live outside of the service area.

The excess mileage fee of $1.08 per mile would be eliminated. However, RideShare use would continue to be monitored for abuse.

Local bus monthly passes would no longer be available upon request.

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