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Capital Metro is seeking feedback on recent changes to local service with the launch of our 801 MetroRapid route. Prior to beginning service on January 26, our planners and community involvement team hit the streets to inform riders about the changes to local routes, including the 1L, 1M, and 101. In these conversations, we heard many riders anticipate how these changes will affect their commutes.

Now that MetroRapid is becoming a regular sight on Austin’s streets, we want to continue hearing from you. We are seeking feedback on your experiences so far, as well as ideas about how rapid and local service can improve to meet the needs of riders in the North Lamar and South Congress corridors.

For example, several people have suggested that stations with only place names, such as Republic Square, also include a street number, such as 4th Street, on their signage.

We are interested in constructive ideas such as these that could assist in easing the transition to a transit system with multiple service categories. Looking ahead, Capital Metro is launching another MetroRapid service, Route 803, late this summer. Please tell us about your experience with these recent service changes, so that we can incorporate these lessons into our planning for 803.


Would including street numbers on all MetroRapid stations help to sort out confusion about where the vehicle stops? Or do you think that, in time, people will begin to associate the stations which only have place names, like Museum or Woolridge Square, with their locations?

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