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Discussion: Fare Study


Capital Metro is working hard to respond to Central Texans' desire and demand for more transportation choices and alternatives to driving alone. In order to sustain and grow transit service, Capital Metro is conducting a study to evaluate our current fare structure, and develop recommendations for how we might improve that structure.

The revenue generated from fares is an important factor ensuring that Capital Metro continues to be a sustainable, efficient and financially responsible agency that can continue to meet the transit demand in our region. Currently, Capital Metro's base fare is among the lowest in the nation and the portion of the cost to operate our service that is recovered through fares is also low. Developing a fare structure that is simple to use and easy to understand is also important for continuing to grow ridership. This study will help enable Capital Metro to deliver on its promise to our customers and taxpayers to provide effective services that meet the Austin area's transportation needs.

For more infomation on the fare study, please visit our Community Involvement Page.


Check out our current fare structure:

What do you LIKE about the types of fares Capital Metro offers?

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Our current fare structure: What bugs you about our fares?

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Are they offered where you need them? Are enough options available?

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Any other thoughts?

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